Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout just released its mid-season update to add new obstacles and stage variety, along with some long-awaited polish.

  By Jonathan LoChiatto

  Published Sep 16, 2020



  The mid-season update for?Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, “Big Yeetus and Anti-Cheatus,” is now live. It adds a little extra love and care, on top of some fantastic variety for long-term players. The highlight of the update is the long-awaited anti-cheat feature for PC players, as well as some other sorely needed optimizations. The “Big Yeetus and Anti-Cheatus” update also brought a new impediment (or boon, depending on how you look at it), the Big Yeetus hammer.

  Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a battle royale platformer released in August 2020 by Devolver Digital. Fall Guys has become a tremendous hit on PC and PS4 thanks to addictive, elimination-based gameplay with adorable presentation.? Jump back in and snag a crown; here’s what you need to know about the latest update.


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  The mid-season update brings some changes and remixes to the stages players have grown accustomed to since launch. Games of Fall Guys involve a race to the finish line, frantic player versus player activities or a balancing act on ever-shifting platforms. In every encounter, stages are lousy with traps and obstacles to overcome. Players will now notice that objects are no longer static. Different versions of objects or new objects entirely will appear to add a little extra flavor to stages. This variation may seem minor, but it is vital to keep Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout feeling fresh and fun to play long-term. Devolver Digital has also said they’d like to expand on this idea in future updates to mix up the launch content further.


  Fall Guys Big Yeetus hammer.

  The most notable addition in this update is what Devolver Digital calls “Big Yeetus.” The Big Yeetus is a giant hammer that spins on a y-axis, as opposed to Fall Guys’ more liberal use of hammers with a horizontal rotation. If a player stands in front of the Big Yeetus at the right time, the hammer will connect and propel them forward. There’s potential to slingshot ahead and even skip over troublesome sections of a stage. Best of all, the Big Yeetus is not exclusive to one location or another; it can make an appearance in a wide selection of stages. It’s a gamble, but it could mean a quick and secured qualification.


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  Fall Guys near a watermelon.

  Fall Guys saw immediate success upon launch, but it wasn’t without a few issues. Some of these have been addressed, on top of some other quality of life improvements. For PC versions of the game, there is now an anti-cheat system and players can now bind game actions to their mouse buttons. Stability in between rounds has improved on all platforms; this means fewer disconnections when players try to load into the next stage.?Minimum player counts have also been reduced on some stages to increase variety in later rounds. Another change on the front end includes a timer decrease in the game mode Fall Ball, from 150 seconds down to 120. Before this change, the dominating team in that game mode created 2.5 minutes of agony for the other.


  Whether a constant player or someone just getting into the game, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout’s mid-season update gives players some fun new content and plenty of reasons to jump back into the chase for those crowns.

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