No Switch Pro in 2021. Reliable peripheral manufacturing source from China; working on products to be adapted for it. Says they’ve been told 2022 global market release. Let’s hope it’s wrong :/

  — SwitchUp (@SwitchUpG) June 25, 2021

  Now, depending on whom you ask, you’ll either hear that the Nintendo Switch is in dire need of a refresh, or that it’s perfectly fine the way it is. It’s not the most powerful console out there, but it’s still sufficiently capable. At its best, the Switch is powerful enough to deliver acceptable frame rates and visuals; at its worst, though, we’d be remiss if we didn’t say that it could use a refresh — the hardware inside is starting to show its age.

  If you’re after the latest and greatest triple A titles, then you know that a Nintendo Switch simply isn’t an option. The Nintendo Switch Pro is supposed to narrow the gap performance-wise, but we’ll have to wait for 2022 before putting it through its paces.

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