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  Developers of the popular auto battler title, Auto Chess, have announced their second title in the Multiplayer online battle arena(MOBA) genre. The announcement has confirmed that Auto Chess MOBA is under development and will be launched as a successor in the Auto Chess franchise.

  #AutoChessMOBA: The Auto Chess themed MOBA game with ALL HEROES FREE?

  Chess characters from #AutoChess will become heroes in the MOBA game!

  Features: all heroes free, no paid runes, day and night version system, destructible objects pic.twitter.com/dN7utBNgxp

  — Auto Chess (@AutoChess2019) January 9, 2021

  Auto Chess took the world by the storm when auto battler games became famous last year. The popularity of this game grew exponentially and with this high tide, the developers are seizing the opportunity to keep their gained player base engaged. Auto Chess is similar to DotA mod of auto-battler where players have to take crucial decisions on positioning and composition making to win fights.

  Although heroes with unique abilities are available in Auto Chess, the inability to make mechanical outmaneuvers made it less interesting for players who love MOBA games. This gap is now filled with the announcement of Auto Chess MOBA.

  This game will be based on three factors; fairness, competition and Auto Chess. Talking about the fairness, this MOBA title will implement an interesting change where each and every hero in-game will be available for free from the very beginning. This is to encourage diversity.

  The competitive factor will be based on the macro and micro mechanisms of this game. The game will be made easy to play but tough to master and one of the examples mentioned were about the vision. Macro changes like day and night mode will alter the game experience and micro mechanism like vision setup will be a crucial factor in competitive games.

  Several elements of Auto Chess will be directly implemented in its MOBA version. The chess pieces will be converted to new heroes and item synergies will be added as in-game items for Auto Chess MOBA.

  MOBA game market is very extensive and some titles have dominated from a long time. With the announcement of a new competitor, it will be interesting to see how the players would react to the launch of this new game.

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