is a fast-paced racer that sees you pelting down waterslides. Your aiming to be the first player to plunge into the pool at the end of the course. It’s super quick, super fun and packed full of opportunities to get ahead.

  Opportunities like the hints, tips and cheats we’ve included in this strategy guide. Read this and soon you’re going to be winning every race, and doing it with a massive smile on your face. Which is sort of the point, right?


  The track is more of a suggestion than anything else, and if you follow it all the way down you’re never going to finish first. Instead, you should be sliding off the edge and looking for shortcuts to get ahead.

  Sometimes these shortcuts are going to fail, and leave you facing the game over screen. That’s okay though, because sometimes they’re going to result in unsurmountable leads. Take every chance you can to get into the lead.

  Whether it’s becoming a shark at the start of a race or grabbing the hang-gliders that pop up on the side of the track, you should always be boosting when you get the chance. It might not work out, but more often than not it’s going to give you the edge you need to win.

  The shark boost in particular is useful because it’s going to mess up the other racers as well. Give it a go and you’ll usually find that you’re well ahead before the race has even started properly.


  Kills are a good way to get ahead and get rid of the competition. Early on they can give you a boost and scupper the plans of your opponent. Later on they can be useful too, especially if you’re close to the end and someone’s about to overtake you.

  You’ll also get coins for kills, which is handy if you want to get some new outfits. Either way, killing should be a large part of your strategy if you want to win races. Which you do, because otherwise why are you playing?

  Anything on the track can really mess you up. Hitting boxes will slow you down to the point where you can go from first to last in the blink of an eye. Slowing down is a really bad idea, because it means you’re less likely to make those huge jumps that give you the best shortcuts.

  You can also use obstacles as offensive weapons, pushing your opponents into them to slow them down and ruin their chances of winning.?


  The only thing you’re going to be using coins for is changing your appearance. If that’s your bag, then fair enough, but you still don’t have to worry about increasing your coin-haul by watching videos.

  You’re going to get more than enough just by playing to change your look after every second race. And eventually you’re going to find something you like enough to not change. We think the panda is the best outfit, because pandas are cool and probably shouldn’t be on waterslides.

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