In an interview with Game Rant, GungHo President and CEO Kazuki Morishita sheds some light on Ninjala’s potential cross-platform support.

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gungho interview june 2021

Ninjala launched last summer for the Nintendo Switch, and the free-to-play title has managed to amass over seven million downloads about a year later. In that time, the colorful action multiplayer game has received a couple of collabs with popular properties such as Sonic the Hedgehog?and?Capcom’s Monster Hunter series.

Even though Ninjala has only launched on the Switch so far, its popularity continues to skyrocket, and more players are getting in on the Ninja Gum action. For a game that’s?doing so well in terms of sheer downloads, one would assume that the dev team?or publisher would be interested in bringing the game to a broader audience via other platforms, but there has been no word yet on that happening. However, in an interview with Game Rant, GungHo’s President and CEO Kazuki Morishita shed some light on Ninjala and whether or not it will be coming to other systems in the future.

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gungho interview june 2021

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Free-to-play titles such as Fortnite and Apex Legends thrive due to the games being available to such a large and diverse audience. Having a game on multiple platforms will always ensure that players can have the opportunity to give the game a shot, no matter which device they choose. Morishita and GungHo don’t have any plans to bring Ninjala anywhere else right now, but he said it would be possible.

“We developed Ninjala to be optimized for the Nintendo Switch so we don¨t have any plans right now, but it is developed so that it can support cross-platform.”


Ninjala was initially developed with cross-platform in mind, which potentially means that a port could happen in the future, whether that be on a PlayStation/Xbox system, PC, or perhaps mobile. Of course, this is all speculation, as Ninjala is a Switch exclusive at the moment, but it could be neat to see the game reach more players that might not own a Switch of their own. Having cross-play between platforms would also be exciting to see, allowing players to match up with friends on any system.

ninjala nintendo switch brawler royale

The idea of bringing Ninjala to other platforms might still be up in the air for the team, but Morishita did confirm that GungHo plans on delivering new content and updates “for a very long time.” In a few years, this could mean that seeing Ninjala on multiple consoles and streaming services might be a possibility. There seems to be much more content in the pipeline for Ninjala, and as it continues to grow, so will its fan base.


Ninjala is currently in its fifth season and is planned to end on June 16, 2021. This season brings in new stylish costumes, loot battles, and a festival to wrap things all up at the end later this month.

Ninjala is now available for the Nintendo Switch as a free-to-play title.

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