After waiting an entire year to play Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima, a streamer is overwhelmed with emotion during the game’s title sequence.

  By Richard Warren

  Published 3 days ago


  ghost of tsushima opening credits

  Ghost of Tsushima is a beautiful game, and that shows clearly during its initial scenes. For one excited streamer, that beauty proved to be too much, as he was overwhelmed with emotion during the opening credits of?Ghost of Tsushima.

  The reaction is about a minute long, with streamer @LordBalvin thrilled to explore Ghost of Tsushima’s open world. Seeing protagonist Jin Sakai riding through the field of flowers clearly has an impact on the gamer, something that becomes more evident as the scenic shots continue to come up. Alongside the landscapes, the game’s theme swells, with the combination of the music and visuals ensuring that @LordBalvin has to hold back some tears.

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  ghost of tsushima opening credits

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  Proud of this passionate moment, though, the streamer posted the clip to his Twitter account. He also provides some context for why the sequence hit him so hard. Stating that Ghost of Tsushima was one of his “most anticipated games” from 2020, he has been waiting for a chance to start the game. The streamer citing a lack of time as the reason he held off on the game. makes sense. Not only did the COVID-19 pandemic pick up around the time of its original release, but Ghost of Tsushima is also a long game.

  So, I started Ghost of Tsushima last night. This was one of my most anticipated games last year but I was too busy to start it.

  Here’s my reaction to the title card sequence, I damn near cried lmao

  — Big Boss (@LordBalvin) June 22, 2021

  With 30-50 hours of content depending on how thorough a player wants to be, Ghost of Tsushima fans need to set aside a lot of time for each of their playthroughs. It seems like @LordBalvin finally has the necessary time to explore Tsushima Island, and with a full year of hype building, he let out all his feelings as the game began. Repeatedly saying “stop playing with me” as the camera began to transition to a third person point of view, he grew even more excited, shouting with joy as he took control of Jin’s horse. While the clip ends there, players can see more of @LordBalvin’s playthrough via his Twitch channel.


  Seeing the streamer’s reaction is as heartwarming as it gets, as his happiness could not be any more genuine. With everything from his hand gestures to his voice being used to make his mood clear, it is hard not to smile when seeing the gamer’s excitement. Hopefully, the game lives up to his expectations, though with a reaction like this it is hard to think of a scenario where it does not. Whether he is taking screenshots using Ghost of Tsushima’s photo mode or messing around with Jin Sakai’s many combat techniques, @LordBalvin has a lot to be excited about in the rest of his time with the game.


  With a Ghost of Tsushima sequel called Ghost of Ikishima recently being leaked, the streamer could be delivering a reaction just like this one in a few years’ time. With how special this moment was, though, it is certainly going to be hard to top.

  Ghost of Tsushima is available now on PS4.

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