By Heidi Nicholas, 23 Jun 2021 900 ? ‘oMessages’ : ‘btnLoadMessageThread’);”> CommentsAstroneer’s Jet Powered update is now live, adding new missions, new vehicles, a new in-game event, and more, allowing your Astroneers “to take to the skies.” Check out the update trailer below:

  According to the patch notes, the hoverboard lets you “glide over the terrain with ease,” going faster along tether lines, and the devs recommend you use it in tandem with a Solid-Fuel Jump Jet. The VTOL, meanwhile, “is a versatile flying vehicle, capable of hovering in place, or streaking through the sky,” and can be used as a survey and navigation tool.

  You’ll need to head to Desolo and Vesania to start the new missions, which are all about “investigating experimental EXO Dynamics data,” while the new Exo Chip resource can be found on all planets, causing a few recipes to be updated to include it. The update also lets you print a Leveling Block in Adventure Mode, which has “limited uses.” The update is live now — which bit are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments!

  Thanks to PrestonPreston for the news tip.

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