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  All Elite Wrestling’s MJF doesn’t have anything good to say about video games unless they are of the pro wrestling variety.

  The leader of The Pinnacle was recently a guest on the Game Marks Podcast, where he revealed the first wrestling video game he ever played was the “WWE Day of Reckoning” series on the Nintendo GameCube.

  While discussing the “Day of Reckoning” story mode, MJF revealed the point in the game where he got stuck and stopped playing wrestling video games for a few years.

  “So here’s the deal: video games are for virgins, but wrestling video games…that’s for winners,” said MJF. “Okay, I think anybody can agree on that. But regular video games like ‘Zelda’, you know, or C— Central part two, or whatever the f–k people are playing nowadays, I don’t know, I’m not a sim. But for me, the first wrestling video game I ever played, which is the only acceptable type of video game to play, was called ‘Day of Reckoning’. I believe it was on Gamecube. And the storyline really resonated with me at a young age.

  “I remember very much so enjoying the story mode in that game. So here’s what happened. I remember at some point in ‘Day of Reckoning 2’, you’re supposed to do a cage match with Rey Mysterio, correct? Now, once I got to said cage match, I could not figure out how to get out of the cage because I’m not a virgin nerd.”

  MJF then recalled how he angrily quit video games for a few years, but he eventually found his way back to them.

  “That’s why I threw the controller down, and I said clearly video games aren’t for me, and to my knowledge, I did not play another wrestling video game for a couple years after that,” said MJF. ‘The wrestling video game I played after that, I believe was ‘RAW vs. Smackdown’ featuring ECW I think CM Punk was on the cover or something.”

  The AEW star then shared his excitement for the promotion’s upcoming video game and complimented the developers’ ability to get his likeness correct.

  “I’ve gotten to see what my character is going to look like in the console game, and it really hit home with me,” said MJF. “A, because I’m so attractive and they somehow managed to get my likeness, which I thought would be damn near impossible, and B, because I was like holy s—-,I’m in a video game, the same types of video games I would play when I was a kid.”

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