If you’re looking to defeat the Brigand Vvulf in Darkest Dungeon and get the In Sheep’s Clothing accolade, here’s our recommended strategy.

  By Meg Pelliccio

  Published Jun 15, 2021


  Darkest Dungeon Brigand Vvulf

  During your adventures in Darkest Dungeon, you’ll be pitting yourself against a variety of enemy types, visiting different dungeon areas, and tackling the range of bosses that you find within. However, there are a couple of bosses that don’t lurk in a set dungeon but are special events instead.

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  The Brigand Vvulf is one of these special event bosses and will only appear once certain requirements are met. For everything you need to know about Vvulf, such as the event spawn conditions, optimal party setup, and how to defeat him, we’ve got it all covered right here.


  Darkest Dungeon Wolves at the Door event

  Brigand Vvulf?is a special boss that appears as part of the “Wolves at the Door” event. This event will occur when one of the following events/requirements are met:

  Must be after Week 40.You must have at least four Level 5 heroes in your roster

  Once these requirements have been met, there is a chance of the “Wolves at the Door” event appearing when you next return to town. The chance of it occurring increases with each town event that paces.

  The event will then appear on the Estate map under the “Hamlet” section. If you ignore the event then Vvulf will destroy three of your building upgrades.

  As this event is Darkest difficulty, one of your heroes will automatically die if you abandon it. If you don’t want to pay the consequences of skipping the event, but don’t have a strong enough team to take it on successfully, choose?one of your trash heroes to send off for sacrifice, as if you start the event but fail, your buildings will be fine.


  If you fail, the event will appear again?after?a minimum of four weeks have passed. If you beat Brigand Vvulf, the event will not repeat.

  Darkest Dungeon Brigand Vvulf battle

  Make sure all of your party members are well-equipped. The map is always the same for this event and Vvulf can be found in the northern chamber. There won’t be an opportunity to camp before battling Vvulf.?Ensure you bring plenty of bandages and shovels.

  When it comes to your party setup, we recommend using the following heroes:

  Vestal: For your healer.Man-at-Arms: To guard against the bomb attack.Jester: Can help to relieve stress and buff party.Leper/Bounty Hunter:?DPS.


  Vvulf is a Human enemy type who is resistant to Stun and being moved and has decent resistance against DoTs and debuff.

  The Brigand Vvulf will initially be in position one and his Barrel O’ Bombs will be just behind him, however, he does move around as the battle progresses. When the barrel is there, Vvulf will start each of his turns by placing a bomb on one of your heroes, essentially marking them. At the end of the turn he will use “Time’s up!” to explode the bomb and deal heavy damage to the hero in question.

  While you can?destroy the barrel before Vvulf can explode the bomb?to cancel the attack, the barrel will counter-attack anyone who hits it and Vvulf will simply summon the barrel back again.?A better option is to bring along a Man-at-Arms who can guard whoever has the bomb positioned on them.


  Darkest Dungeon Brigand Vvulf battle

  Vvulf can also use “Get them” to summon additional adds. Having a good DPS attacker in your party is recommended to help take these down, such as a Leper?or Bounty Hunter. Vvulf will guard his minions and can increase the stress in your heroes.

  The Jester is a good choice for reducing your party’s stress, he can also inflict Bleed, and is able to buff your party so that they deal more damage to Vvulf and his cronies.

  The Brigand adds can inflict Bleed on your heroes, so this is where having those bandages will come in handy. Your Vestal will on hand to heal up your heroes too.

  Defeating the Brigand Vvulf will earn you the “In Sheep’s Clothing” achievement/trophy.


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