last night,The fight fish is full of Chinese and foreign counterparts.Finally, with the color of the color of the Kof and ACE war,The Chinese team finally reversed the European and American teams at 37-33.The success of this competition was obtained.


  Throughout this competition,Color is undoubtedly the Chinese team’s custom sea,Strikes from 1V1 game hammer Foggy and Hitman.Go to Kof-war well-being to play the receipt,Returning to the last ACE battle to defeat Hitman’s hammer sound,The more you can’t get soft, the more you don’t have the right time.The team’s thigh leader is shown.Although there is also a twisted twisted twists and turns during the period.But relying on a single 20.25 points, including more than half of the Chinese team, and nearly 2 times gains,Color or a well-deserved Chinese and foreign confrontation MVP winner.


  Another is worthy of XIAOKAI,Although he has not played more opportunities,But in a limited time,He has played an efficient performance.Two 2V2 competitions are essential,It is the victory of his romantic to let the Chinese team retain the hope of the last day.

  Fly and the romantic a few days ago, it is not satisfactory.Especially as the core of Fly,Continuous loss can’t see the hope of the Chinese team wins.Fortunately, the last day of Fei Fei defeated Hitman,Take the opponent’s whisper sweeping the haze of the day.

  European and American teams,Hitman’s performance is undoubted,Although the last ACE war lost,But I don’t cover up.Previous stunning performance still left a deep impression,I have to know that he is a delay of the European service or NetEase.It can be used to play the third still have certain truth in the world.

  Foggy’s play is not bad,Unfortunately, the civil war was educated too many times.However, the branch of the tie is also taken.It is also necessary to complete the task.

  Hawk and Cash two Russian elderly play in this competition.Hawk Solo defeated Xiaokai,Cash stole 1 score in the game with fly,The two power itself is limited,It is not easy to take some points alone.

  In general,This game is also a true portrayal of the current state of 8 players.Color is indeed higher than others,Other people have good at Solo,Some good at 2V2,There is still a unstable or unreasonable.However, these are all in the past.Tomorrow is a new day,Looking forward to them can bring us more wonderful Warcraft games.

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