How can art and cars wiped out?

  For visits or brands,

  This seems to have always been a “topic” worth exploring.

  When we stroll through the cultural creative park,

  From time to time, the road can be seen from time to time, and a vivid sculpture work.

  Flying wings, eagle, expression vivid human face statue,

  Let us feel the deep art atmosphere.

  But if a piece of art goes out of the window,Enter our lives.

  Maybe we will give artificially produced a different kind of feelings.

  The development of modernism design thoughts and industrial production methods,

  Split the building and structure into two independent majors.

  A clear professional division of labor has greatly improved production efficiency.

  On the other hand, the building and structure begin to intervene,interdependent,

  It can be said,The construction of architecture performance,Structural achievement of the beauty of architecture.


  car,As a kind of craft consumer product,

  Subaru XV front face design highlights three-dimensional lines,

  Simple atmosphere,Highlight the sense of strength.

  And the angularly distinctive grid extends left and right.

  Make the whole body shape look more tough,

  Let the beauty of the structure fully integrate into the design.


  In modern art,In addition to the hard factor such as composition, structure,

  Perfect coloring is also an important ring.

  For example, the peak of the 19th century naturalism tendency – Impressionist painting,

  It can be seen as the starting point of modern art,

  Monet, Ma Ni and other Impressionist,

  They have a deep understanding of the color.

  They have long-term explore the performance of light color and air,

  Often in the light environment at different times,

  Multiple depictions to the same object,

  Express the instantaneous feeling from the natural light color change.


  Subaru XV is also in the color of the colors

  Exclusive color-magic pearl yellow edition Eyesight model

  under the sun,As if the gold elf,

  Dething a piece of texture for the art background.

  Take it with its textured interior,

  Bring high quality, there is a driving experience of artistic breath.


  There is also a space design between swimming between the square.

  As the most popular art form, you will have a clear and happy, happy, happy.

  Space infinite extension and strong sense

  Can fully enter the space

  Pass a atmosphere,Leave an impression,

  With light and shadow,Quietly waiting for the taste of the appreciation home,

  Push everything in space to a quieter aesthetic interface.


  Stylish, flexible Subaru XV,

  There is no compromise on the internal space.

  Comfortable driving space before and back,

  Provided basic guarantees for the pleasant driving experience of peace of mind,

  Spacious carrier space and convenient detail design,

  Also make the space comfort will be further improved.


  Want to feel the beauty of Subaru XV?Come here now!

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