After recent years, it has continued to develop.Electronic competition is not like a nightmare of many parents as before.Instead, some parents have gradually supported their children to chase their own careers.At the same time, there are still some universities to open an electric competition.It can be seen that the electricity industry has gradually become an emerging profession to be accepted by the public.Think of the earliest one-batter echo player,Today is not in the electrical competition as a professional player.That is, the transformation becomes a game anchor,Also have a good future.Although some people are in the foreigner in the electricity industry,But some people have confused electricity and addiction electronic network,浑浑 噩.For this purpose, CCTV is also an interview.Specially invited to China’s electrical competition first person SKY.


  About Sky believes that many players must not be unfamiliar,He is the earliest one-batch of electrical election hands,Work hard through your own efforts,Standing in the center of the world stage,At the same time, China’s electric competition opens the door.Specify the direction for many professional players,Released as the first person in China.Although SKY is retired,The transformation became an electric competition,Still adding bricks to the e-sports industry.This time can be interviewed by CCTV,It is sufficient to see the influence of his industrial industry.And he also combined with his own cognition,Given some objective and professional view.


  Sky means that the electric campaign hand and the addiction game are completely different from two different concepts of professional training and the addiction of the phone.Practical training represents you have a goal,You are constantly working hard for this goal.But playing games don’t want to contact the real world,Because the real world you cannot accept,You want to go through a virtual world to meet your own feedback and your sense of accomplishment.If this problem occurs,Just need parents and children to communicate well.Everyone is eligible to become a electric election.But except your efforts,More look at a player’s talent,This many professional players have had similar words.And this block on the golden gold is also different.There is no upper limit of the money in the online world.But you can only pass your own technology and reactions in the electricity.Coordination between brain,Amazing to defeat your opponent


  After this remarks on Sky,Also received a variety of netizens and recognition.Everyone has sinceranted respect for this Chinese e-sports.There are also many players who are his fans.Want to be a professional player like Sky,But before the action,I also need to think about whether I can really stick to it and have this talent.It is often a lot of people want to play careers.After a hard training, I found myself not suitable for the professional player.Finally, the years,Still more unfortunate.

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