Many small friends in the game have encountered the situation where the sand is not enough.So how do we get the sand?How can I get a lot of sand soil?The following intimate Jiuyou Xiaobian has organized a detailed Raiders tutorial for everyone.Don’t miss it!

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  Dai Senball plan common component modularity how to produce no redundancy

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  Dai Senball plan is not enough to solve enough

  1.enter the game


  2.After entering the game,F button opens the production interface


  3.Then make several foundations


  4.Find a place with trees,Select a raised place


  5.After finding the foundation, let the foundation,Get the sand of the sand


  to sum up

  The fastest to play unlimited sand MOD,But this feels that there is no brain and destroyed balance.

  Or use the trash can MOD,It can be made of sandstone by overflow.

  The most manual method is to find a mountainous planet directly to shoot forty thermal power station and completely dismantled.repeatedly.

  I think the second I can accept it.After all, this game is currently not excavated.


  game introduction

  Dyson Sphere Program is made from Youthcat Studio,Gamera Game is distributed to a sci-style simulation business game that combines a variety of elements,When human beings stepping into the stage of high civilization development,Invented a supercomputer – main brain,As the protagonist, you need to complete a project called “Dai Senball Plan”.The aim is to provide the main brain to provide a continuous source of energy.

  The above is the relevant Raiders that Xiaobian to organize it out.I hope to give you some help,Remember to click on the collection of nine tour,More Raiders Real-time update!

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