Speaking of supermarkets believe everyone,The first reaction is “supermarket”,Most English countries also said this.

  but,American manager called supermarket Grocery Store,Or directly say the name of the supermarket,For example, Walmart (Wal-Mart),Costco (many users), Sams Club (Sam).All of these supermarkets are also available.

  Grocery Store (US) supermarket,grocery store

  *grocery [?GRO?s?ri] 食品杂货

  English Interpretation: a Shop / Store That Sells Food and Other Things Used In The Home. IN American English “Grocery Store” is offen buy to mean “supermarket”.

  It is characterized by large size, and there are many types.From food to life supplies,Home appliances and auto parts can be bought.Generally distributed over the edge of the city,Convenient transportation,Affordable.


  Americans are different from our Chinese,Generally living in the suburbs of big house,Unlike us,There is a supermarket in the door of the door.There is a convenience store in the community.They are used to opening a car to the Grocery Store 1 week and then purchasing a family of food and daily necessities.


  These stores are characterized by large size, and there are many types.From food to life supplies,Home appliances and even car accessories can be bought.Generally distributed over the edge of the city,Convenient transportation,Affordable.

  For example, the food is eaten,Toothpaste, toilet paper and other daily necessities are also used,We need to go to the supermarket to buy daily necessities and food,It can be said: I need to do grocery shopping.


  Next, let’s simulate a shopping supermarket.In the United States, you can visit the supermarket to learn these sentences!

  After entering the store,Push a shopping cart with Shopping Cart or take a shopping basket Basket.

  If you don’t know what you want to buy, what is the location,You can ask the supermarket employee,Usually employees will tell you the walkway where the goods are located.Or tell your classification area where the item is located.

  Such as:

  ”WHERE CAN I Find Ketchup?”- Where is the ketchup?

  ”IT’s on Aisle 12.”- at the 12th channel.

  ”Do you have no-fat milk?”- Is there a degreated milk?”

  ”Yes, In The Dairy Section.”–some,In the daily access area.


  Usually the US supermarket is divided into the following areas:

  Dairy Section – Milk, Yogurt, Butter, And Cheese

  Dairy area – milk, yogurt, butter and cheese, etc.

  Product Section – Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

  Agricultural Products Area – Fresh Fruit Vegetables, etc.

  Frozen Food Section – Ice Cream, Pre-prepared meals

  Frozen food goes – ice cream, processed in advance

  Bakery – Bread, Muffins, Cakes

  Baking area – bread, muffins, cakes, etc.

  Deli – SLICED MEAT and Cheese for Sandwices

  Delicious food – meat and cheese used to do sandwich slices

  Ethnic Foods – International Foods, INTERNATIONAL

  National Food Zone – Characteristic food from various countries


  The packaging of various types of food in the supermarket has the following expression:

  A can of soup, one can soup (metal can)

  A jar of jelly / jam, a can, jelly / jam (glass can)

  A Box of CEREAL a box of cereals

  A package of pastea packets

  A carton of milk a box of milk

  A bottle of wine a bottle of wine

  A LOAF Of Bread


  If there is no thing you want in the supermarket,The clerk may say:

  ”Sorry, It’s out of stock.”–I am sorry,XX sold

  ”Sorry, We’re out of unsalted peanuts at the moment.”–I am sorry,We don’t have salt peanuts now.

  If this is this,You can buy it next time.

  But if this store has never sold this,The clerk will say:

  ”Sorry, We don’t carry mango juice.”–I am sorry,We don’t sell mango juice.

  Then you have to buy another elsewhere.

  There are also 20% off everywhere in the supermarket.Expressing a 20% discount.If you are not sure,Can ask the clerk:

  ”Is this on Sale?”- Is this something promotion?

  After buying things,Just checkout Checkout.The cashier is called Cashier.

  The cashier will ask you:

  How Would You Like to Pay?”- How do you want to pay?

  You can answer:

  - “IN CASH.”–cash

  - “with a credit card.”–credit card

  - “with a debit card.”–debit card

  If you pay with cash,The cashier may need to find zero:

  Here’s your change.”

  Your Change IS $ 30.”

  If you pay with a credit card,The cashier will say:

  Please sign here.”- Please sign this.

  If you pay with a debit card,The cashier will say:

  ”Please enter your pin.”- Please enter your password.

  After the payment is successful,The cashier will give you receipt.

  At last,Gifts are ok.SO Easy!

  ”Have a nice day!”

  ”THANKS, You Too!”

  The lower right corner “is watching” all rich!!!


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