As time has gone by, more and more expensive items have been introduced to Red Dead Online. Here are the game’s most bank-breaking purchases.

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  Everyone in the community knows that Red Dead Online?has far higher prices than the base game. As time has gone by, things have gotten more expensive in RDO. It makes sense that extravagant items would be added to keep the player base engaged, but some of the prices are out of hand.

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  Rockstar?has already added the Moonshiner’s Shack, but the community is still waiting on a summer update that is rumored to include properties. Many believe some of the properties will?cost upwards of 200 Gold Bars. For now, the following are some of the most expensive items available for purchase with cash or Gold Bars in this wild-west MMO.


  Rattlesnake Vaquero Saddle

  For a hefty price of 20 Gold Bars, players can purchase the most expensive saddle in the game. It has a subtle, yet elegant look that will match a darker haired horse. To many players, it seems quite absurd to spend that many gold bars on a saddle. Regardless, it does provide a few beneficial buffs:

  Core Stamina Drain Rate: -24%Core Health Drain Rate: -22%Regen Rate: +24%


  The shack was added in 2019 with the Moonshiners DLC. Players need to buy the shack in order to progress in the Moonshine role, which can be quite profitable in the game. There are a total of five shacks available, and each will cost a total of 25 gold.

  The cost is not that steep up front, but with upgrades, the gamers will have to spend ~$3,000 and 40 Gold Bars. Even at this point in the game, that’s a lot of bread.



  To create a fully gold weapon at the Gunsmith,?gamers?will have to spend 30 Gold Bars. Of course, players can incrementally buy gold pieces for their weapons, but that would not make much sense.

  Each part of the gun will cost 5 gold, an extraordinary amount for a cosmetic change. Having a golden gun does make a statement though. It is the ultimate symbol of wealth in Red Dead Online.

  Arthur Leading A Gold & Silver Turkoman From Red Dead Redemption 2

  Turkoman are jack-of-all-trades horses that excel in every category. They are fast enough, have good stamina, and a manageable top speed. It is no?wonder that they are extremely expensive in RDO.

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  The silver spotted Asian?breed will set gamers back almost 40 Gold Bars. Those that like the breed and the look of the horse may be willing to pay that much for it. However, there are plenty of ways to get incredible horses for free, so consider these before shelling out the gold.


  Turkoman Horse In A Stable From Red Dead Redemption 2

  The darker version of the breed costs almost $1,000, which is?mind-boggling considering how cheap some of the alternatives in the stables are. This particular variant is for the fat cats that have been grinding RDO for a few years.

  Dark Bays have the same stats as the other skins, and the only reason to choose one variant over the other is preference. Many players base their choices on what saddle they want to use.

  red dead online crashing

  Explosive Slugs add damage, range, and accuracy when using a shotgun. Gamers can purchase the pamphlet from the fence in New Austin for $950. Once purchased, these shells can be crafted with just slug shells and animal fat, which are pretty inexpensive.

  It costs just $1.50 for a set of 18 shells, and animal fat is easy to find. Using the shells will give users a very slight edge in gunfights.



  Of all the upgrades to the shack, the Bar Expansion is the most expensive.?However, it is certainly necessary, because players all know that every moonshiner leads a life of excess.

  In all seriousness, the bar will make the shack look more refined and classy for people that care about cosmetics. It looks nicer than most swanky whiskey bars in the 21st century. Players should be very committed to the Moonshiner role if they make this upgrade.


  The Black Arabian is highly regarded as one of the top five horse breeds in the game. The horses are blisteringly quick and can run all day. With the right saddle, only a couple of other breeds can keep up with them.

  Despite the painfully high price, the horse is actually a smart purchase. Those that have a spare 40 Gold Bars laying around would not be foolish to buy one.



  There is a long list of horses that are all priced at $950, which are included below:

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  KladruberCriolloNorfolk RoadsterBretonTurkoman (Gold Coat)Missouri Fox Trotter

  All of these breeds are great in game, but the Missouri Fox Trotters are a favorite in the community. They are smaller, have great sprint speed, and can run to the end of the earth.

  red dead online player with rifle in campsite

  This ridiculously overpriced pamphlet will cost $1,000, which is a lot of money for casual players. Explosive Cartridges are the most powerful type of ammo in RDO, but gamers can only hold 20 of them at a time.

  Despite the price and limitations, these cartridges are amazing in gunfights and they open safes with just one shot. They also increase the velocity of the bullets, making it easier to hit a moving target. Another thing to consider, though, is that explosive ammo will burn corpses and prevent enemy bodies from being looted.

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