These games are getting increasingly more difficult for players to get their hands on to play as they lack backwards compatibility.

  By Tristan Jurkovich

  Published May 17, 2021



  The Xbox One may not have had that many exclusives, but it made up for that lack that Sony and Nintendo had over them with two key things. The first was backwards compatibility. For the Xbox 360, they have a lot of key titles most fans would want to play again. They run better on Xbox One too and that goes double if not triple on the Xbox Series X.

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  The other thing of course would be Xbox Game Pass which is a series of offers that neither Nintendo nor Sony has yet to rival. For backwards compatibility in particular, they’ve done a good job again with Xbox 360 but there are a lot of original Xbox games still missing like the following.


  Blinx 2 gameplay screenshot

  Both this game and the original were Xbox exclusives. They were one of Microsoft’s answers to Nintendo’s Mario and PlayStation’s Jak and Daxter and or Ratchet and Clank. Both were big for Sony at the time. Now, the first game has been made backwards compatible on Xbox One but not the sequel. The collection should be complete as right now it just feels weird not to have it.?

  Crimson Sea promo art

  This was a Koei made hack and slash RPG that was exclusive to the Xbox. Interestingly its sequel was a PS2 exclusive. That game can be purchased on PS3 via backwards compatibility.

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  However, this game cannot on any Xbox platform. One can expect a little more diverse of a game in both story and mechanics from it compared to Koei’s bigger franchise, Dynasty Warriors.?


  Dead Or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball gameplay screenshot

  Tecmo had a big partnership with Microsoft for the Xbox. It got this game, the Dead or Alive fighting franchise proper, and the Ninja Gaiden reboot. While Ninja Gaiden has been made available several times over, with an upcoming collection soon, none of the Dead or Alive games are backwards compatible on Xbox One. Maybe Microsoft doesn’t want to get this volleyball game in particular as it can be seen as a bit too scandalous.?

  Dino Crisis 3 promo art

  The original two games were PS1 exclusives for consoles. The PS2 got a spinoff, Dino Stalker, while the Xbox got the proper sequel. Most do not remember this game too fondly for several reasons. The camera angles made it hard to see where one was going. It did away with established lore that fans had come to love, instead putting the game in space and far into the future.

  Its troubled development is well known. Still, as a piece of history as the last game in the franchise from Capcom, it would be nice to see again in some capacity.?


  Dungeons & Dragons Heroes promo art

  Who doesn’t want another co-op RPG on the Xbox family? This official Dungeons & Dragons game featured four-player co-op in an isometric perspective. It was like a lesser ?Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance 2, or Sony’s own Champions of Norrath games on PS2. It’s not as good as any of those, but this Xbox exclusive can still be fun to play with friends.?

  Otogi gameplay screenshot

  Microsoft should be jumping at the chance to help re-license anything from FromSoftware’s past. Their catalog is pretty massive before they hit it big with Demon’s Souls. Their biggest success prior to that that people would probably remember would be the Armored Core games. Those were mostly PlayStation exclusives though.

  Both Otogi games were exclusive to Xbox though and many diehard FromSoftware fans would love to get ahold of either of them again or for the first time on Xbox One.


  Jet Set Radio Future gameplay screenshot

  The first game in this series, which was originally on the Sega Dreamcast, got a decent remaster during the Xbox 360 generation. This sequel though has languished as an Xbox exclusive for near two decades now. It has been trapped in other words. After the collapse of the Dreamcast, Microsoft picked up a lot of slack for many of Sega’s key franchises. It was a boon for both companies.?

  ToeJam & Earl III Mission To Earth gameplay screenshot

  This was a 2002 exclusive for the system which continued this obscure series.?A perfect time to have re-released this game back onto Xbox consoles would have been when the new 2019 game came out.

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  Even though ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove has seemingly come and gone, it’s never too late. That’s the whole point of making games backwards compatible so that new generations can discover these gems.?


  Kung Fu Chaos gameplay screenshot

  At its core, this is a somewhat forgettable 3D style Super Smash Bros. game. There’s a big reason to bring this exclusive back though. It was developed by Just Add Monsters which was technically their first and only game.

  After this, they rebranded themselves as Ninja Theory and wouldn’t put out anything else until Heavenly Sword for the PS3. Since Microsoft now owns Ninja Theory, putting this onto the marketplace seems wise to get diehard fans of the developer excited.

  Shin Megami Tensei Nine promo art

  This is the only Shin Megami Tensei related product to ever hit an Xbox console. What’s more, it was only released in Japan and was indeed an Xbox exclusive. One can assume that behind the scenes Microsoft has been talking to Sega/Atlus to get this series and or Persona onto their consoles for a while now.

  Since this was exclusive, it might win some fan love if they paid for a translation. If Sega/Atlus were up for it that is. That goes above backwards compatibility but either way, it would be great to see.?

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