Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl may be sold in special bundle packs like past Pokémon games, as well as being available separately.

  By Laura Gray

  Published Apr 02, 2021


  Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl Sold Together

  Excitement for the upcoming remakes?Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is starting build for fans of the?Pokémon game series. It isn’t uncommon for gamers to pick up a copy of each new?Pokémon title when a set of games comes out. In recent years?Pokémon?games, whether remakes of past titles or a new generation of the main series, have released in bundle packs for those who are planning to do a playthrough of each. Because of this, some players may be wondering if?Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will be releasing in a special bundle pack.

  Buying?Pokémon games in bundles doesn’t usually offer a special discount. Instead, the total price is the sum of the two games together. The Sword and Shield?double-packs are still available for purchase at the Nintendo store for 119.99 USD. While there isn’t a price confirmed for?Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?currently, it is likely they will be similarly priced to?Sword and Shield both together and separately.

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  Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl Sold Together

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  There is a possibility the new games will also include the release of themed Nintendo Switch bundles. This was seen with?Let’s Go, Pikachu and Let’s Go, Eevee, with special console bundles including Pikachu and Eevee-themed Joy-Cons, as well as a decorated Nintendo Switch Dock. It is possible each game will have its own special bundle with a?Diamond?or Pearl-themed?set of Joy-Cons and Dock, or the themes could be mixed together. However, it is unlikely these Nintendo Switch bundles will include both games.


  Gameplay still from Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

  While is currently not known how?both?Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?will be sold, it is likely the games will be available for pre-order once a launch-date has been confirmed. Currently, the games are anticipated for released late in 2021, and will likely come out sometime in the late fall or early winter. If there is no bundle available, players will be able to pre-order a copy of each to ensure they will have a chance to play through both?games for the different exclusive Pokémon species and Legendaries.

  There is a good deal of anticipation for what may be included in the?Diamond and Pearl remakes, with many wondering if?Pokémon’s Mega Evolution will return, and what original game mechanics might be included and reimagined for the advanced graphics of the Nintendo Switch. Currently, there is little confirmed about what players can expect to see in?Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, but there will likely be more information revealed in the coming months.


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