Many game-goers have come to love Nintendo consoles for games such as Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda, and Nintendogs, to name a few. But what about online casino games? Can slots, roulettes, and jackpots also be games that you can add to the list? CasinoEuro finds out!

  In honour of their YouTube channel fans, CasinoEuro made a grand finale episode that answers their viewers’ most burning question—How many technological devices can run CasinoEuro slot games?

  The enthusiasm of their fans, alongside their curiosity regarding this question, convened a meeting with CasinoEuro’s team of experts and technologists. After some brainstorming and technological magic abouta special gadget haul episode.

  The source of this fascination has to do with the CasinoEuro YouTube Channel. Over the last few years, CasinoEuro has been releasing informative videos to help players make the most out of their gaming experience. From ‘How To Play’ videos to slot machine reviews, the fans got a kick. Or better said, spin out of!

  Considering all you need is a web browser and device with a screen to play the slot games, CasinoEuro repeatedly asked the same questions. Given that everything else related to the gameplay got a closer look, this is the only thing that was left unanswered.

  So what did they do? They announced that they would be making this unique video and asked their fans to give suggestions. They gathered as many devices as possible, and the rest is history.

  Amongst those many devices were three gaming console legends, the Nintendo 2DS XL, Nintendo Wii U, and last but not least, Nintendo Switch. After trying the first two, they almost lost hope due to the error message suggesting that the page is too big due to the content size, so it cannot show it off. Nevertheless, Nintendo Switch came to the rescue and successfully spun a few rounds of ‘Starburst’.

  Moving onto other gaming consoles, PS5 makes a memorable debut in the final episode. A few difficulties arose when finding an actual browser to play on, but they didn’t give up. After a little bit of searching, reels were spinning without a glitch in sight.

  They had fun with several popular game consoles, but those are just the ‘simple’ devices they tried out. The Nokia 3310 is known for many things, but not for playing slot games, that’s for sure. Not one but two Tesla cars were also a part of the showing. They’ve confirmed that the Tesla Model 3 can play a few rounds, while the older Model S had less computing power than needed to run the slot games.

  If that is not extravagant enough for you, try switching (no pun intended) from a 6-inch to a 38-foot screen. No, that is not a typo! They went so far as to try and spin the reels on a digital billboard. Can you imagine? If you hit the jackpot, you don’t have to worry about people believing you because you are already out in the world to see!

  After a little bit of technological magic, the great technicians of CasinoEuro displayed Street Fighter on the extra big screen. They provided a reel show for perplexed people driving past the 38-foot digital billboard.

  If that isn’t enough for you, wait until you see how they ended things off. It may even be academy award-worthy! Keep in mind that all the previous episodes lead up to the grand finale, so if you want to catch up on all the videos, make sure to head over to the CasinoEuro Youtube Channel.

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