The Commissioner for Trademarks has the authority to manage and direct all aspects of the activities of the USPTO that affect the administration of trademark operations. This includes the authority to impose sanctions on parties who file submissions in trademark matters in violation of USPTO Rules of Practice or USPTO website Terms of Use. These sanctions include, without limitation:

  Not considering or giving any weight to the affected submission Abandoning the application or terminating a proceeding before the USPTO Precluding a person from submitting any documents in trademark matters before the USPTOReferring a practitioner to the Office of Enrollment and DisciplineTerminating affected accounts through which all electronic forms must be filed

  If, based on a review of the USPTO’s records, the Office of the Commissioner for Trademarks suspects that a party has violated a USPTO rule or the USPTO website terms of use, the Commissioner may issue an order to show cause. This order requires the party receiving it to establish the legitimacy of its activities and to explain why the party should not face sanctions. Depending on the party’s response, a show-cause order may be followed by a final order for sanctions, immediately following which, the sanction(s) will be implemented.

  Below are show-cause orders and exclusion orders issued by the Commissioner for Trademarks, organized by date of issuance.

  Has the USPTO precluded submissions from a party representing you? Visit our page on applicants and registrants represented by excluded parties for information on what you should do.

  Note: The following show-cause orders and exclusion orders are unaltered scanned copies that include original signatures and/or evidence provided by third-parties. As a result, these documents are not compliant with Section 508. If you have difficulty accessing the information in these documents, please email to request assistance. Include your phone number if you prefer speaking directly to a staff member.

  Type of orderProceeding nameSerial number(s)


  Show-causeIn re Yusha Zhang and Shenzhen Huanyee Intellectual Property Co., LtdPDF6/8/2021SanctionsIn re Xue Chaoxing90571970, 90572061, 90572081, 90572098, 90611199, 90613903, 90613948, 90613975, 90614009, 90630781, 906568555/6/2021SanctionsIn re Thong Quang NgoPDF5/6/2021Show-causeIn re Xue Chaoxing90571970, 90572061, 90572081, 90572098, 90611199, 90613903, 90613948, 90613975, 906140094/22/2021Show-causeIn re Thong Quang NgoPDF12/23/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Tongheyuan Trading Co., Ltd.88549167, 8855221711/9/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Anchenle Trading Co., Ltd.88526945, 88531468, 88535536, 88537739, 88541362, 8854860611/9/2020Show-causeIn re Lianxiang Ma 88541667, 88539164, 8854156411/9/2020Show-causeIn re Lianxiang Ma88511226, 88514022, 88514049, 88515596, 88515601, 8854165211/9/2020Show-causeIn re Lianxiang Ma88515628, 88528880, 88528891, 88532239, 88532252, 88532324, 88535470, 88535516, 88535541, 88538492, 8853860511/9/2020Show-causeIn re JiaYuan Chen87959639, 87959673, 8795967611/9/2020Show-causeIn re Guizhou Shanliang Liquor Industry Co., Ltd.88544362, 88547257, 88548493, 88548817, 88549425, 88552396, 8855256811/9/2020Show-causeIn re Feiya Shenzhen Information Technology Co., Ltd.88541443, 88544362, 88547257, 88548493, 88548817, 8854144311/9/2020Show-causeIn re Denggan Qiu88526490, 8852650011/9/2020Show-causeIn re Chen Yanhua88538684, 88538805, 8853913111/9/2020Show-causeIn re Chen Yanhua88528957, 88532340, 88535557, 88535573, 88548968, 8854898911/9/2020Show-causeIn re Chen Jiayuan88522879, 88523346, 88548394, 88548752, 88552103, 8855219611/9/2020Show-causeIn re Chen Jiayuan88526735, 88526954, 88531400, 88532350, 88532494, 88538511, 88539207, 88544148, 88544188, 8854528611/9/2020Show-causeIn re Zhou Qin886861189/3/2020Show-causeIn re Zhongyuanyi (Xiamen) Import & Export Co., Ltd.887208099/3/2020Show-causeIn re Zheng Kangxin888760279/3/2020Show-causeIn re Zhejinag Longtai Shock Absorber Co. Ltd.888108379/3/2020Show-causeIn re Zhao Na888073299/3/2020Show-causeIn re Zhang Dongfen888415329/3/2020Show-causeIn re Yuyao Hengxin Electrical Appliance, Co., Ltd.888709199/3/2020Show-causeIn re YunFanChangShi Shenzhen WangLuo Keji Youxiangonsi888234589/3/2020Show-causeIn re Yongzhou Little Father Baby Products Co., Ltd.886668289/3/2020Show-causeIn re Yongmei Mo888927399/3/2020Show-causeIn re Yiwu Zeyo Stationery Co., Ltd.887561769/3/2020Show-causeIn re Yi Fu887413759/3/2020Show-causeIn re Yang Mei887594189/3/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamenshi Jiayishun Jinchukou Youxiangongsi888199849/3/2020Show-causeIn re Weixin Shou887955279/3/2020Show-causeIn re Weinan Zhou887044609/3/2020Show-causeIn re Wei Lai888333049/3/2020Show-causeIn re Tang Xin887732069/3/2020Show-causeIn re Taizhou Minafull Import & Export Co., Ltd.886932829/3/2020Show-causeIn re Taizhou Borong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.888555379/3/2020Show-causeIn re Starsprite Pte Ltd88738287, 888200049/3/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Yidian Network Technology Co., Ltd.888555309/3/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen REDA Medical Instrument Technology Co., Ltd.888513579/3/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen PengCheng Tech Co., Ltd.887384159/3/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Jackson Technology Co., Ltd.887193289/3/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen HuiHui Sky Technology Co., Ltd.888107879/3/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Baoyue E-Commerce Co., Ltd.889083099/3/2020Show-causeIn re Shenyang Maiyouji Trading Co., Ltd.887382679/3/2020Show-causeIn re Sheng Guomin888980549/3/2020Show-causeIn re Shang Hai Wang Dong Dian Zi Shang Wu You Xian Gong Si886749569/3/2020Show-causeIn re Ruian Yusu Qipei Youxiangongsi886699929/3/2020Show-causeIn re Quanzhou Jushang Trading Co., Ltd.887852489/3/2020Show-causeIn re Ningbo Runchen Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.887110609/3/2020Show-causeIn re Ningbo Exfatter Apparel Co., Ltd.888107719/3/2020Show-causeIn re Nanjing Arvin Internet Technology Co, Ltd.887273499/3/2020Show-causeIn re Liu Jing Jing888141499/3/2020Show-causeIn re Liaoning Yunhai Trading Co., Ltd.887817579/3/2020Show-causeIn re Liao Wenzhen888429609/3/2020Show-causeIn re Liang Yan88739171, 887391749/3/2020Show-causeIn re Li Jing, Lu Yanshen, and Wang Yixiao888584809/3/2020Show-causeIn re Li Jiawei888901839/3/2020Show-causeIn re Kai Xu884564839/3/2020Show-causeIn re Jiaxing Yiyunmaoyi YouXiangongsi888162519/3/2020Show-causeIn re Jiang Zefeng888256389/3/2020Show-causeIn re Jiande Hunlee Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.883050449/3/2020Show-causeIn re Jian Zhong887956509/3/2020Show-causeIn re Jiali Shen888513129/3/2020Show-causeIn re Isa Tantec Limited88704157, 888293939/3/2020Show-causeIn re Hongxiang Wen887158049/3/2020Show-causeIn re Hanshou County Lanhai E-Commerce Co., Ltd.886956929/3/2020Show-causeIn re Hangzhou Yudao Technology Co., Ltd.887047209/3/2020Show-causeIn re Hangzhou ICAGY E-Commerce Co., Ltd.888761989/3/2020Show-causeIn re Guiying Zhan887666909/3/2020Show-causeIn re Guangzhou Zhongpai Electronic Products Co., Ltd.88898530, 888985829/3/2020Show-causeIn re Guangzhou Xinyi International Trade Co., Ltd.887489269/3/2020Show-causeIn re Guangzhou Xinyang Leather Goods Co., Ltd.888513389/3/2020Show-causeIn re Guangzhou Kahha Technology Co., Ltd.888052719/3/2020Show-causeIn re Gecaixuanzhubao (Shenzhen) Youxiangongsi887413749/3/2020Show-causeIn re Foshanshi Mamanxun Wangluokeji YouXiangongsi888513109/3/2020Show-causeIn re Foshan Nanhai Aige Cases & Bags Co., Ltd.88711057, 887391679/3/2020Show-causeIn re FBT International Industries Limited887667059/3/2020Show-causeIn re Dong Meng Qian889026479/3/2020Show-causeIn re Dehui Ye887140739/3/2020Show-causeIn re Cixi Ailing Apparel Co., Ltd.888619779/3/2020Show-causeIn re Chunmei Lin887273619/3/2020Show-causeIn re Changzhou Hehe Furniture Co., Ltd.889047839/3/2020Show-causeIn re Cao Shubo887817549/3/2020Show-causeIn re Cai Yu887666559/3/2020Show-causeIn re Betterlife Investment Management Inc.885478039/3/2020Show-causeIn re Beijing Yulu Xinxijishu Youxiangongsi88875997, 888760019/3/2020Show-causeIn re Baitao887476169/3/2020Show-causeIn re AMEI International Trading (Hongkong) Limited887413789/3/2020Show-causeIn re Zhuji Endi Metal Products Co., Ltd88516084, 88516107, 88518167, 88518195, 885182808/17/2020Show-causeIn re Zhong Meiyun889047058/17/2020Show-causeIn re Zhengzhou Bopeng E-Commerce Co., ltd.888036048/17/2020Show-causeIn re Zhaoyu Luo888073938/17/2020Show-causeIn re Zhaojie887732078/17/2020Show-causeIn re Youwang (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. 88526671, 88526816, 88526868, 88528860, 88535700, 88538219, 88549496, 88551872, 88552121, 885522118/17/2020Show-causeIn re Youwang (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd.88512625, 88513814, 88518374, 88520712, 88520765, 88523292, 88526518, 88539568, 88545244, 88547571, 885477208/17/2020Show-causeIn re Youwang (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd.88484449, 88484477, 88487269, 88487292, 88487397, 88490859, 88492970, 88509087, 88512737, 88513585, 885139078/17/2020Show-causeIn re Yirui Xu885576698/17/2020Show-causeIn re Yao Li883976998/17/2020Show-causeIn re Yan Shuangfeng884389818/17/2020Show-causeIn re Xin Wang885386838/17/2020Show-causeIn re Xia Zhengguo886868198/17/2020Show-causeIn re Wuhan Chedashi Technology Co, Ltd.887258528/17/2020Show-causeIn re Weinan Zhou886279628/17/2020Show-causeIn re Weifang Puwei Bangong Yongpin Youxiangongsi887992048/17/2020Show-causeIn re Wei Kuan886933058/17/2020Show-causeIn re Sichuan XinTuHengYuan Trading Co., Ltd.886866948/17/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Weiman Network Technology Co, Ltd.887311278/17/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Wanku Interactive Entertainment Technology Co. Ltd.88516035, 88516060, 88516070, 88518090, 88518096, 885181558/17/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Shibao Jewelry Co Ltd884930528/17/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Shi Yixing Hotel Management Co., Ltd.88520873, 88522778, 88526975, 88535809, 88538360, 88547670, 88549203, 88551642, 885522818/17/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Shi Yixing Hotel Management Co., Ltd.88511129, 88511181, 88512635, 88512937, 88513527, 88518269, 88518574, 88520540, 885205788/17/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Eysdon Technology Co., Ltd.886950758/17/2020Show-causeIn re Shanghai Shebao Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.887992218/17/2020Show-causeIn re Shanghai Nuoke Culture Communication Co., Ltd.887702168/17/2020Show-causeIn re Rongtian Xu887702108/17/2020Show-causeIn re Peplife Inc.885653038/17/2020Show-causeIn re Lin Hongrui885128748/17/2020Show-causeIn re Lianxiang Ma885205678/17/2020Show-causeIn re Liang Yan886717868/17/2020Show-causeIn re Lan-Chin Lin887457318/17/2020Show-causeIn re Jiangsu Angel Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.886904718/17/2020Show-causeIn re Jiangmen Xinjiaju Lighting Co., Ltd.887208248/17/2020Show-causeIn re Jiangmen Jianghai Yisi Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.885072668/17/2020Show-causeIn re Jiang Yi885259838/17/2020Show-causeIn re Hefei Sokoltec Co., Ltd.887456098/17/2020Show-causeIn re Hangzhou Dayuqi Network Technology Co., Ltd.887992088/17/2020Show-causeIn re Guohao Lyu887400918/17/2020Show-causeIn re Guizhou Shanliang Liquor Industry Co., Ltd.88494402, 88508761, 88509065, 88511245, 88513799, 885474728/17/2020Show-causeIn re Guanming Chen887080418/17/2020Show-causeIn re Feng Zhilong887594098/17/2020Show-causeIn re Feiya Shenzhen Information Technology Co., Ltd.88522984, 885266978/17/2020Show-causeIn re Emrys Mark Thakkar885260768/17/2020Show-causeIn re Dongdong Wang885395848/17/2020Show-causeIn re Chen Qinghua88507147, 88515642, 88515669, 88517920, 88517936, 88517950, 885296588/17/2020Show-causeIn re Chen Minliang886861248/17/2020Show-causeIn re Cao Jiayi885303538/17/2020Show-causeIn re Berikin International Trading (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.885654348/17/2020Show-causeIn re Beilian (Xiamen) Informational Technology Co., Ltd.88539187, 88539201, 885392328/17/2020Show-causeIn re Beilian (Xiamen) Informational Technology Co., Ltd.88512933, 88515657, 88523421, 88526941, 88529540, 88529562, 88532345, 88552410, 88552565, 885526078/17/2020Show-causeIn re Baoxiang Gao885005758/17/2020Show-causeIn re AMEI International Trading (Hongkong) Limited887413798/17/2020Show-causeIn re Alla-home Housewares (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.885611598/17/2020Show-causeIn re Zhou Song88535458, 885354678/11/2020Show-causeIn re Zhongshan Topper Outdoor Products Co., Ltd.880802838/11/2020Show-causeIn re Zhong Biao883708318/11/2020Show-causeIn re Zhang Yuanying88515994, 88531646, 88531665, 885324488/11/2020Show-causeIn re Zhang Xionggui885317888/11/2020Show-causeIn re Zhang Cuiping88516301, 88534415, 885386208/11/2020Show-causeIn re Zhan Yan885388728/11/2020Show-causeIn re Xiaoxuan Liu883139648/11/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Zunbaitang Commercial And Trading Co, Ltd.88319471, 88367097, 883671238/11/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Zhaoguang Enterprise Management Co., Ltd.883137888/11/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Yuwan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.883541318/11/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Yunling Xiucheng Technology Co., Ltd.88362432, 88364573, 883645858/11/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Yudayi Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.88362362, 88364621, 883652028/11/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Yucheng Business Services Co., Ltd.88323772, 88358205, 883582888/11/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Youzhi Huiyou E-Commerce Co., Ltd.883649478/11/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Yinglun Zhongrui Trade Co., Ltd.883669928/11/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Yiheyi E-commerce Co., Ltd.88319559, 88320976, 88329180, 883646238/11/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Yake Gelin Trade Co., Ltd.88345576, 88345656, 883475438/11/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Xinyuecheng E-Commerce Co., Ltd.88343312, 883433578/11/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Xijiangyue Marketing Planning Co, Ltd.883134338/11/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Wolianghao Technology Co., Ltd.883194928/11/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Vardis Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.88321048, 88351606, 88353118, 88353187, 88353887, 883540688/11/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Tianwangge E-commerce Co., Ltd.88319325, 88319394, 88328962, 88354074, 883540838/11/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Mandaue Technology Co., Ltd.88506843, 88506926, 885071518/11/2020Show-causeIn re Qin Yanbo885414408/11/2020Show-causeIn re Huang Fujun885183688/11/2020Show-causeIn re Chen Shuangwei884064048/11/2020Show-causeIn re Chen Lingqin885404208/11/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Yiniao Network Technology Co., Ltd.876907037/7/2020Show-causeIn re He Bi Hui880224167/7/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Jifang Network Technology Co., Ltd.882154267/7/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Hengbin Network Technology Co, Ltd.882800637/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xi Kai882801987/7/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Shi Yurui E-commerce Co., Ltd.883043707/7/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Shi Yurui E-commerce Co., Ltd.883043717/7/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen TianYaRuiYu Technology Co., Ltd.883050517/7/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen TianYaRuiYu Technology Co., Ltd. 883050757/7/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen TianYaRuiYu Technology Co., Ltd.883050977/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Bicheng Commercial & Trading Co., Ltd.883117277/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Baisi E-Commerce Co. Ltd.883157557/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Shengjiexi Trading Co., Ltd.883158167/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Letianxin Trading Co., Ltd.883163007/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Juhuali Network Technology Co., Ltd.883176347/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Moyan E-commerce Co., Ltd.883209477/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Huizhichuang E-Commerce Co., Ltd.883237737/7/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Ruixinlong Technology Co., Ltd.883237787/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Bicheng Commerce & Trading Co., Ltd.883307207/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Tianjiade Trading Co., Ltd.883327307/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Lexinyou E-Commerce Co., Ltd.883350117/13/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Dingyi Trading Co., Ltd.883435487/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Mupai Technology Co., Ltd.883456687/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Diwangge E-Commerce Co., Ltd.883476707/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Heyichengming E-Commerce Co, Ltd.883512717/7/2020Show-causeIn re Lishui Xinmei Trading Co., Ltd.883602487/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Pulanda Technology Co., Ltd.883623367/7/2020Show-causeIn re Wuking883945817/7/2020Show-causeIn re Longxiao E-commerical (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.884391737/7/2020Show-causeIn re Wan Li Neng International Limited884537087/7/2020Show-causeIn re Ningbo Hao Jun International Trade Co., Ltd.884540057/7/2020Show-causeIn re Guangzhou Hermin Fashion Co., Ltd.884793357/7/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Womate Technology Co., Ltd.885089767/7/2020Show-causeIn re Wu Yi885141127/7/2020Show-causeIn re Weng Changhai885163357/7/2020Show-causeIn re Qiu Xiaojin885184767/7/2020Show-causeIn re Fan Huaqiang885185187/7/2020Show-causeIn re Feng Xiaohong885205757/13/2020Show-causeIn re Jiang Qinghua885206637/7/2020Show-causeIn re Mao Zhenbin885210497/7/2020Show-causeIn re Chen Kongping885296977/7/2020Show-causeIn re Wei Wenxiang885323377/7/2020Show-causeIn re Chen Yan885340977/7/2020Show-causeIn re Gao Xunyu885343807/7/2020Show-causeIn re Wu Yangsheng885356867/7/2020Show-causeIn re Huang Fujun885381807/7/2020Show-causeIn re Taizhou International Trade Corporation885392057/7/2020Show-causeIn re Huang Sujuan885392387/7/2020Show-causeIn re Li Can885406097/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Bicheng Commerce & Trading Co., Ltd.882889847/7/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Shi Yurui E-commerce Co., Ltd.883043697/7/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen TianYaRuiYu Technology Co., Ltd.883050287/7/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen TianYaRuiYu Technology Co., Ltd.883050317/7/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen TianYaRuiYu Technology Co., Ltd.883050337/7/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen TianYaRuiYu Technology Co., Ltd.883050487/7/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen TianYaRuiYu Technology Co., Ltd.883050497/7/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen TianYaRuiYu Technology Co., Ltd.883050497/7/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen TianYaRuiYu Technology Co., Ltd.883050677/7/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen TianYaRuiYu Technology Co., Ltd.883050827/7/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen TianYaRuiYu Technology Co., Ltd.883050907/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Dingyi Trading Co., Ltd.883128947/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Baisi E-Commerce Co. Ltd.883130527/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Baisi E-Commerce Co. Ltd.883130587/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Baisi E-Commerce Co. Ltd.883130647/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Letianxin Trading Co., Ltd.883130707/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Baisi E-Commerce Co. Ltd.883137207/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Juhuali Network Technology Co., Ltd.883137897/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Juhuali Network Technology Co., Ltd.883138887/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Shengjiexi Trading Co., Ltd.883139577/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Moyan E-commerce Co., Ltd.883139627/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Baisi E-Commerce Co. Ltd.883139807/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Shengjiexi Trading Co., Ltd.883140077/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Baisi E-Commerce Co. Ltd.883140087/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Baisi E-Commerce Co. Ltd.883156627/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Juhuali Network Technology Co., Ltd.883157427/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Shengjiexi Trading Co., Ltd.883157927/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Huizhichuang E-Commerce Co., Ltd.883158747/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Moyan E-commerce Co., Ltd.883176567/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Moyan E-commerce Co., Ltd.883194207/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Huizhichuang E-Commerce Co., Ltd.883194257/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Dingyi Trading Co., Ltd.883194407/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Pulanda Technology Co., Ltd.883194577/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Pulanda Technology Co., Ltd.883209787/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Pulanda Technology Co., Ltd.883253317/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Pulanda Technology Co., Ltd.883269677/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Mupai Technology Co., Ltd.883352307/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Mupai Technology Co., Ltd.883411257/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Pulanda Technology Co., Ltd.883436007/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Pulanda Technology Co., Ltd.883436157/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Mupai Technology Co., Ltd.883454227/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Heyichengming E-Commerce Co, Ltd.883478067/7/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Pulanda Technology Co., Ltd.883623127/7/2020Show-causeIn re Guangzhou Hermin Fashion Co., Ltd.884448977/7/2020Show-causeIn re Chen Yan885088667/7/2020Show-causeIn re Chen Yan885089267/7/2020Show-causeIn re Chen Yan885089667/7/2020Show-causeIn re Fan Huaqiang885090167/7/2020Show-causeIn re Fan Huaqiang885090447/7/2020Show-causeIn re Chen Yan885092667/7/2020Show-causeIn re Huang Sujuan885126817/7/2020Show-causeIn re Weng Changhai885127267/7/2020Show-causeIn re Feng Xiaohong885127407/13/2020Show-causeIn re Jiang Qinghua885141067/7/2020Show-causeIn re Jiang Qinghua885141237/7/2020Show-causeIn re Chen Kongping885180877/7/2020Show-causeIn re Chen Kongping885181667/7/2020Show-causeIn re Chen Yan885186697/7/2020Show-causeIn re Gao Xunyu885261157/7/2020Show-causeIn re Gao Xunyu885272047/7/2020Show-causeIn re Gao Xunyu885273067/7/2020Show-causeIn re Wei Wenxiang885323217/7/2020Show-causeIn re Wu Yangsheng885329727/7/2020Show-causeIn re Chen Wen885385237/7/2020Show-causeIn re Li Can885405097/7/2020Show-causeIn re Yu Shuifeng884849436/3/2020Show-causeIn re Xie Qiuping88518572, 88477038, 88477065


  Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Yilin Chuangzhi E-Commerce Co., Ltd.884391366/3/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Lisida Technology Co., Ltd.883541836/3/2020Show-causeIn re Jiang Qialing885349566/3/2020Show-causeIn re Jiang Niyu88744064, 886867226/3/2020Show-causeIn re Guo Guowei88523306, 88306254, 88306330, 88507030, 885161426/3/2020Show-causeIn re Chenjian885474816/3/2020Show-causeIn re Chen Xi884103596/3/2020Show-causeIn re Blue Angel Farm Pte Ltd.88465465, 884654626/3/2020Show-causeIn re Xisheng Xiamenxinxikejiyouxiangongsi88430792, 88417976, 88278441, 88330947, 88330954, 88330958, 88332639, 88332641, 88332645, 88392709, 88392734, 88392839, 883928643/6/2020Show-causeIn re Shanghai Minsong Textile Co., Ltd.886489553/9/2020Show-causeIn re Shanghai Maxfung Textile Co., Ltd.88648969, 886489583/9/2020Show-causeIn re Quanzhou Pingyu Trading Co., Ltd.886973773/9/2020Show-causeIn re Qingdao Yutaiyuan Dian Shang You Xian Gong Si887295863/9/2020Show-causeIn re Qi Xue886615663/9/2020Show-causeIn re Ningbo Tianhe Electric Tools Co., Ltd.887124543/9/2020Show-causeIn re Ning Bo An Si Ke Dian Zi Shang Wu Co., Ltd.88657919, 886578843/9/2020Show-causeIn re Ning Bo An Mu Dian Zi Shang Wu You Xian Gong Si884306713/6/2020Show-causeIn re Ling Hairong886386293/9/2020Show-causeIn re Lin Xia886828703/9/2020Show-causeIn re Liao Qingcheng883308963/9/2020Show-causeIn re Li Yuzhong885009053/6/2020Show-causeIn re Li Wangchao880856983/9/2020Show-causeIn re Li Wangchao88085724, 880658163/6/2020Show-causeIn re Li Hua886175943/6/2020Show-causeIn re Jinhua Lulu E-Commerce Co., Ltd.886207883/6/2020Show-causeIn re Jiang Shan Zheng883236433/6/2020Show-causeIn re Huang Yunxia886241083/6/2020Show-causeIn re Hu Guodong886764013/9/2020Show-causeIn re Henan FaDu Industry Co., Ltd.886885703/9/2020Show-causeIn re Hehanshi Fuyi Zhiyi YouXiangongsi885291053/6/2020Show-causeIn re Hao Xiaoxuan886437643/9/2020Show-causeIn re Hangzhou Huixingyaofang Co., Ltd.886954013/9/2020Show-causeIn re Han Yuan886354773/9/2020Show-causeIn re Guo Xie886992713/9/2020Show-causeIn re Guo Haiyan886240993/6/2020Show-causeIn re Guangzhou Yuefeng Trading Co., Ltd.88656005, 88640205, 886419853/9/2020Show-causeIn re Guangzhou Yimier Dress Co., Ltd.885032803/6/2020Show-causeIn re Guangzhou Xunke Network Technology Co., Ltd.88664751, 886615753/9/2020Show-causeIn re Guangzhou Minewill Equipment Co., Ltd.887080763/9/2020Show-causeIn re Guangzhou Ai Shi Man Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.886347373/9/2020Show-causeIn re Guangzhong Zency Leather Co. Ltd.878716983/9/2020Show-causeIn re Fuzhou Ke Rui Li Trading Co. Ltd.886120293/6/2020Show-causeIn re Fuzhou Hai Yui Bang Trading Co., Ltd.886120333/6/2020Show-causeIn re Fundoll Global Limited886082113/6/2020Show-causeIn re Foshan PoYi Clothing Co., Ltd.887024013/9/2020Show-causeIn re Foshan Lao YouJi Furniture Industry Co., Ltd.883708183/6/2020Show-causeIn re Feiya Shenzhen Information Technology Co., Ltd.884405683/6/2020Show-causeIn re Fan Xiaohang886647183/9/2020Show-causeIn re Du Ming879192803/9/2020Show-causeIn re Dongguan Lorrins IT E-Commerce Co., Ltd.886828433/9/2020Show-causeIn re Dang Fuyang886560913/9/2020Show-causeIn re Cui Kanghua880786053/6/2020Show-causeIn re ChunYang Light Industrial Products Co., Ltd.885069113/6/2020Show-causeIn re Chen Zelin887124353/9/2020Show-causeIn re Chen Yanhua885108493/6/2020Show-causeIn re Chen Jiayuan884424863/9/2020Show-causeIn re Anhui Ji Na E-Commerce Co., Ltd.887083163/9/2020Show-causeIn re Zhuji Vermeer Jewelry Co., Ltd.886017842/26/2020Show-causeIn re Zhuang Xiaojie886017882/26/2020Show-causeIn re Zheng Le886440432/26/2020Show-causeIn re Zewei Shao886373902/26/2020Show-causeIn re Zeng Guang88553840, 88545422, 885539612/26/2020Show-causeIn re Zanmei Zhang886373542/26/2020Show-causeIn re Yiwu Xinyang Ecommerce Co., Ltd.886120382/26/2020Show-causeIn re Yiwu Jincan Garment Co., Ltd.886440542/26/2020Show-causeIn re Ying Huang886527482/26/2020Show-causeIn re Xisheng Xiamenxinxikejiyouxiangongsi88332634, 88283498, 88278442, 88278442, 88278428, 88278426, 88168506, 884285772/26/2020Show-causeIn re Shilai Lin88319415, 882993742/26/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Yixing Industrial Co., Ltd.885071852/26/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Keesi Tech Co., Ltd.886594592/26/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Dabenxiang Electronic Commerce Co. Ltd.886335012/26/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Chuancheng E-Commerce Co. Ltd.886315552/26/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Adaier Network Technology Co. Ltd.886088402/26/2020Show-causeIn re Qiaoling Liu883272882/26/2020Show-causeIn re Qian Hai Wang Chen Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.884264212/26/2020Show-causeIn re Peichun Liu885022962/26/2020Show-causeIn re Nanjing Kenyan Co. Ltd.886313882/26/2020Show-causeIn re Luoyang Wenting Culture Communication Co., Ltd.885923312/26/2020Show-causeIn re Lizhu Lin880802872/26/2020Show-causeIn re JiaYuan Chen88507157, 87959610, 87959617, 87959625, 87959633, 884370522/26/2020Show-causeIn re Huiyun Men884410032/26/2020Show-causeIn re He Chaoxi886991172/26/2020Show-causeIn re Hangzhou Tanyl Ecommerce Co., Ltd.885865242/26/2020Show-causeIn re Guoping Jin886559852/26/2020Show-causeIn re Feiya Shenzhen Information Technology Co., Ltd.88510797, 87957976, 87958016, 885091972/26/2020Show-causeIn re Dongguan OHM Card Industrial Co. Ltd.886527432/26/2020Show-causeIn re Chenghan Lin882785472/26/2020Show-causeIn re Chen Yanhua88438845, 884265262/26/2020Show-causeIn re Biqiong Zhuang88430729, 883891512/26/2020Show-causeIn re Zhuhai Fengtaiyuan International Trade Co., Ltd.884845382/24/2020Show-causeIn re Zhu Xiaodong883910852/24/2020Show-causeIn re Zhu Naiyuan885471892/24/2020Show-causeIn re Zhongshan ShengyiZhongshan Shengyi Baoshengguang Technology Co., Ltd.884713452/24/2020Show-causeIn re Zhenwen Chen884749122/24/2020Show-causeIn re Zhang Guoqiang884266232/24/2020Show-causeIn re Yuyao Southeast Science and Education Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd.884811102/24/2020Show-causeIn re Yangjiang Yangdong Baiying E-Commerce Co., Ltd885627392/24/2020Show-causeIn re Yangfan Deng885202892/24/2020Show-causeIn re Yaling Zhang884889742/24/2020Show-causeIn re Xu Ningbin884563202/24/2020Show-causeIn re Wuhan Estimo Trading Co., LTD885322632/24/2020Show-causeIn re Wu Liying883749742/24/2020Show-causeIn re Wu Huichao885301882/24/2020Show-causeIn re Wenxia Ma884472382/24/2020Show-causeIn re W&H Home Import and Export Co., Ltd.884285252/24/2020Show-causeIn re Zhuji Yizhuo Trading Co., Ltd.884409082/21/2020Show-causeIn re Zhu Pengfei886506292/21/2020Show-causeIn re Zhou Guanghao886560272/21/2020Show-causeIn re Zhengzhou Haozhiwang Trading Co., Ltd.887294912/21/2020Show-causeIn re Zhang Xiaojie886208142/21/2020Show-causeIn re Zhan Dabin887099402/21/2020Show-causeIn re Zeng Zhidi886351252/21/2020Show-causeIn re Zeng Qiaoling885254872/21/2020Show-causeIn re Yongkang Yizu Trading Co., Ltd.886332962/21/2020Show-causeIn re Yongkang Qixiang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.884971492/21/2020Show-causeIn re Yin Lei885022442/21/2020Show-causeIn re Ye Weinan887194012/21/2020Show-causeIn re Yanman Jia Er Chaye Co., Ltd.887475702/21/2020Show-causeIn re Yang Zhenxing886716472/21/2020Show-causeIn re Yang Qi885424472/21/2020Show-causeIn re Yan Xuegeng885499432/21/2020Show-causeIn re Xuechun Zheng886749962/21/2020Show-causeIn re Xiaosheng Chen886957452/21/2020Show-causeIn re Xiamen Airuiseng E-Commerce Ltd.886560302/21/2020Show-causeIn re Wei Li88508638, 88488954, 88488997, 88498697, 88498712, 88498727, 88498742, 88501197, 885013282/21/2020Show-causeIn re Wan Wei88711329, 885313322/21/2020Show-causeIn re Tianjin HengWuTianRui Trade Co.,Ltd.88729476, 88729389, 88729452, 887294632/21/2020Show-causeIn re Sujun Wang88532356, 885323102/21/2020Show-causeIn re Su Jie885297682/21/2020Show-causeIn re Sinsion Technology Industrial Co., Ltd.885138802/21/2020Show-causeIn re Shi Ting Yun884929422/21/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhenshiyouenjiaotongkeji Co.885597112/21/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhenshiyonghaoyangdianziyouxiangongsi883890522/21/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Tianyaoxin Technology Co., Ltd.886354692/21/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Yuyan E-commerce Co., Ltd.88710141, 886683312/21/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Youwo Haili Technology Co., Ltd.887102222/21/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Youlaike E-commerce Co., Ltd.884266262/21/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Yonos electric Co., Ltd886665422/21/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Yijusi Trading Co., Ltd.886577342/21/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Yijia Commercial Trade Co., Ltd.886827962/21/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Yifeng Technology Co., Ltd.886957662/21/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Xilejia Trading Co., Ltd.887224382/21/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Xiaodouyaer Technology Co., Ltd885542462/21/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Wyxis Technology Co., Ltd.884427282/21/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Weimeijuguang Technology Co., Ltd886104552/21/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Sitexing Technology Co., Ltd.887222832/21/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen ShuoYin Technology Development Co., Ltd.886813882/21/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Shixiyaokeji Co., Ltd.886682912/21/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Shibang Consulting Co, Ltd.887223182/21/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Peicheng Tech Co., Ltd885214472/21/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Pai’er International Trade Co., Ltd.885526092/21/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Oneisel Network Technology Co. Ltd886527712/21/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen NA-LED Co., Ltd.885535212/21/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Liyuan Network Technology Co., Ltd.884498882/21/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Lannuowei Technology Co., Ltd.88731168, 887311612/21/2020Show-causeIn re Shanghai Zhixian Crafts Co., Ltd.884478412/12/2020Show-causeIn re Guigang Tianshi Trading Co., Ltd.885090182/12/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Peboz Products Limited885485422/11/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Mingshanghui E-commerce Co., Ltd.887101472/11/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Kelaide Technology Co., Ltd.886704322/11/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Hongyu Technology Co., Ltd.885478182/11/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Hairuipu Trading Co., Ltd.88717347, 88717207, 88717238, 887172672/11/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Fannico Technologies Co., Ltd.88664727, 886647132/11/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Fannick Technology Co., Ltd.88719344, 887192932/11/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Ditian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.886242362/11/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Cimkiz Technology Co., Ltd.88664730, 886631702/11/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Chuanyi Trading Co., Ltd.88717252, 88663147, 88710199, 887102092/11/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Change Industrial Co., Ltd.88634785, 886347822/11/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Bihaus Industrial Co., Ltd.88695706, 886956932/11/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Baile Innovation Electroinc Technology Co.,Ltd886242342/11/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Ant Colony Technology Co., Ltd.88710170, 88663144, 887101622/11/2020Show-causeIn re Shanghai Lingxing Trade Co., Ltd.886542092/11/2020Show-causeIn re Qingmei Huang886957392/11/2020Show-causeIn re Putian City Lingling Eight Trade Co.,Ltd.887024842/11/2020Show-causeIn re Nantong Lemao International Trade Co., Ltd.887099282/11/2020Show-causeIn re Liu Tianyuan887157322/11/2020Show-causeIn re Li Wanbao885423802/11/2020Show-causeIn re Li Luhao88542897, 885428392/11/2020Show-causeIn re Li Lu886506152/11/2020Show-causeIn re Li KunLun886351062/11/2020Show-causeIn re Li Jie886558892/11/2020Show-causeIn re Li Guohao885014702/11/2020Show-causeIn re Kang Jianfeng88719306, 887192822/11/2020Show-causeIn re Jiangsu Qiannuo Intelligent Technology trade Co., Ltd.886815252/11/2020Show-causeIn re Jiangsu Jiesi Glasses Co., Ltd.88663137, 886631342/11/2020Show-causeIn re Jiang Cunhui886347782/11/2020Show-causeIn re Huang Guan886174932/11/2020Show-causeIn re HongKong Sunnystark Limited limited company886971162/11/2020Show-causeIn re Henan Shengli Network Technology Co., Ltd.887258562/11/2020Show-causeIn re Hangzhou WeiYao Technology Co, Ltd.885126042/11/2020Show-causeIn re Guangzhou Yubang Trading Co., Ltd.884811012/11/2020Show-causeIn re Guangzhou ShangYi Information Technology Co., Ltd.886992172/11/2020Show-causeIn re Guangzhou Jiuliu Trading Co., Ltd.885613792/11/2020Show-causeIn re Guangzhou Chaotu Trade Co., Ltd.886815312/11/2020Show-causeIn re Gu Rong886665452/11/2020Show-causeIn re Gao Bo88565649, 88565179, 88565333, 885654432/11/2020Show-causeIn re Fuzhou Shengsheng E-Commerce Co., Ltd.886799702/11/2020Show-causeIn re Fujian Putian Yuesuixing Trading Co., Ltd.885294772/11/2020Show-causeIn re Fang Xioli885425362/11/2020Show-causeIn re Dongguan Big Eye Fish Technology Co., Ltd.886472732/11/2020Show-causeIn re Ding Peiyan884890732/11/2020Show-causeIn re Deng Zihong885233002/11/2020Show-causeIn re Cong Liu886264152/11/2020Show-causeIn re Chen Jingwei887157642/11/2020Show-causeIn re Chaobiao Chen886174852/11/2020Show-causeIn re Bing Qian Peng886991822/11/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Lianhui Technology Co., Ltd.887311552/5/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Kairuitai Trading Limited885186162/5/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Jiating Clothing Co. Ltd.880181232/5/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Jiasheng Industrial Co., Ltd.885577392/5/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Huanshiguo Trade Co., Ltd.887208402/5/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen chuanyue Technology Development Co., Ltd.885085762/5/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Bilan Technology Co., Ltd.887193842/5/2020Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Aishengdesi Sci-Tech Co., LTD883645452/5/2020Show-causeIn re Shen Zhen Zheng Jin Investment Company Ltd87787376, 877809872/5/2020Show-causeIn re Shen Zhen shi xiao hei ma gong ying lian you xian gong si88467402, 884614252/5/2020Show-causeIn re Shen Zhen Hakka Lighting Co., Ltd885560432/5/2020Show-causeIn re Shantou Shangpin Craft Industry Co., Ltd.88426480, 88426472, 884264742/5/2020Show-causeIn re Shanghai Xi Man Household Products Co., Ltd884892612/5/2020Show-causeIn re Shanghai Lungyau Garment Co. Ltd.887173632/5/2020Show-causeIn re Quanzhou Rishang Import and Export Co., Ltd.88489206, 884891952/5/2020Show-causeIn re Qingdao Jili Hair Products Co.,Ltd885323292/5/2020Show-causeIn re Pui Fung Li887173602/5/2020Show-causeIn re Ningbo Xiye Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd883654142/5/2020Show-causeIn re Ningbo Jicheng Art and Culture Communication Co., Ltd.884538182/5/2020Show-causeIn re Nantong Yuzhou Garment Co., Ltd.885134902/5/2020Show-causeIn re Nantong Cottorigin Hometextile Co, Ltd.884181962/5/2020Show-causeIn re Mingze Sui88543885, 885266052/5/2020Show-causeIn re Miao Qiang Lai883827452/5/2020Show-causeIn re Luo, Xiao Ling877910612/5/2020Show-causeIn re Liu Hui884308482/5/2020Show-causeIn re Liu He885291422/5/2020Show-causeIn re Lin Qiao887295452/5/2020Show-causeIn re Liang ChunShi885090752/5/2020Show-causeIn re Li Peiyu885069252/5/2020Show-causeIn re Leyeah Trading Company Ltd.884929302/5/2020Show-causeIn re Jin Jing885066822/5/2020Show-causeIn re Jiangsu Gmall International Trade Co., LTD885461482/5/2020Show-causeIn re Jiangmen gaoyu energy technology Co. Ltd.884266732/5/2020Show-causeIn re Huanyingke Communication Technology Co., Ltd.887312012/5/2020Show-causeIn re Huang Zhi Hao881928672/5/2020Show-causeIn re Huang Peijan887295252/5/2020Show-causeIn re Hu Zhang883822962/5/2020Show-causeIn re Hu Xin884057152/5/2020Show-causeIn re Hokang Technology Co, Ltd.883009022/5/2020Show-causeIn re Hao Liu885269342/5/2020Show-causeIn re Guangzhou Xinlin Clothing Trade Co.,Ltd.887293512/5/2020Show-causeIn re Fuzhouyoushengwangluokejiyouxiangongsi884656292/5/2020Show-causeIn re Foshan Wei Shigao Textile Technology Co., Ltd.887173732/5/2020Show-causeIn re Feifei Xu885162462/5/2020Show-causeIn re Dai Zhi Qiang884673922/5/2020Show-causeIn re Chen Liyun883457202/5/2020Show-causeIn re Changchun Huaxin Trading Co., Ltd885111272/5/2020Show-causeIn re Albert (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd885202272/5/2020Show-causeIn re Zhu Junchao88548106, 8850674812/6/2019Show-causeIn re zhenjiangyongkuwangluokejiyouxiangongsi8845814812/6/2019Show-causeIn re Zhangzhou Huanglan Tea Industry Co.,Ltd.8809657812/6/2019Show-causeIn re Yang Zhiqiang8844720312/6/2019Show-causeIn re Xiamen Wenyuan Trade Co., Ltd8834952712/6/2019Show-causeIn re Xiamen Plpaul Trading Co.,Ltd.88573995, 88573983, 88573986, 88573992, 8857399312/6/2019Show-causeIn re Xiamen Istone Business Co., Ltd.8843638012/6/2019Show-causeIn re Xiamen Casaverde Business Co., Ltd.8843636712/6/2019Show-causeIn re Xiamen Beicheng E-commerce Co.,Ltd.88299176, 8829916712/6/2019Show-causeIn re Wu Gan8835402812/6/2019Show-causeIn re Weng Mei8842859312/6/2019Show-causeIn re Tapcash Inc.88430692, 8843068112/6/2019Show-causeIn re Taicang Jialing Chemical Fiber Co.,Ltd.8831750712/6/2019Show-causeIn re Shenzhenshijuzhengkejiyouxiangongsi8834339212/6/2019Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Yunkai Network Technology Co., Ltd.88577853, 8857784612/6/2019Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Yunjie Technology Co., Ltd.88582601, 8857605312/6/2019Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Wangdong Technology Co., Ltd.8855301312/6/2019Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Ruinuode Technology Co., Ltd.8858266012/6/2019Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Kata Fashion Glasses Co., Ltd.8857466412/6/2019Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Jinxupengcheng Co., Ltd.8858269212/6/2019Show-causeIn re Shen Zhen Shi Xiao Tu Ke Ji You Xian Gong Si8858467012/6/2019Show-causeIn re Shantou Chenghai Kurui Trading Co.,Ltd.8857396612/6/2019Show-causeIn re Shanghai Sentai Information Technology Co., Ltd.8857947812/6/2019Show-causeIn re Qingdao Kaipu Dun International Trade Co., Ltd.8858326512/6/2019Show-causeIn re Luo Xuewu8838705412/6/2019Show-causeIn re Liu Siping88405830, 8840581912/6/2019Show-causeIn re Lin Ling8857954712/6/2019Show-causeIn re Liao Liwu88573962, 88573943, 88573949, 88573954, 8857395912/6/2019Show-causeIn re Li Huanhuan8857399712/6/2019Show-causeIn re Jiang Qiuyan8857943812/6/2019Show-causeIn re He Junjie8857084912/6/2019Show-causeIn re Hangzhou Weiming Trading Co., Ltd.8794427212/6/2019Show-causeIn re Guo Zhenyu88584651, 8858463712/6/2019Show-causeIn re Dongguan Saint Reputation Financial Management Co., Ltd.8858268712/6/2019

  Show-cause orders issued prior to December 2019 were available in PDF format, listed below.

  Show-Cause Order – Dongguan Saint Reputation Financial Management Co., Ltd.Show-Cause Order – Hangzhou Weiming Trading Co., Ltd. Show-Cause Order – Shenzhen Jinxupengcheng Co., Ltd. Show-Cause Order – Shenzhen Kata Fashion Glasses Co., Ltd. Show-Cause Order – Shenzhen Ruinuode Technology Co., Ltd. Show-Cause Order – Shenzhen Yunjie Technology Co., Ltd.Show-Cause Order – Shenzhen Yunkai Network Technology Co., Ltd.Show-Cause Order – ShenzhenshijuzhengkejiyouxiangongsiShow-Cause Order – Zhangzhous Huanglan Tea Industry Co., Ltd.Show-Cause Order – Xiamen Beichieng E-commerce Co., Ltd.Show-Cause Order – Taicang Jailing Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. Show-Cause Order – Xiamen Wenyuan Trade Co., Ltd. Show-Cause Order – Wu Gan Show-Cause Order – Luo Xuewu Show-Cause Order – Liu SipingShow-Cause Order – Weng MeiShow-Cause Order – Tapcash Inc. Show-Cause Order – Xiamen Casaverde Business Co., Ltd. Show-Cause Order – Xiamen Istone Business Co., Ltd. Show-Cause Order – Yang ZhiquiangShow-Cause Order – zhenjiangyongkuwanlguokejiyouxiangongsiShow-Cause Order – Zhu JunchaoShow-Cause Order – Shenzhen Wangdong Technology Co., Ltd.Show-Cause Order – He JunjieShow-Cause Order – Liao Liwu,Show-Cause Order – Shantou Chenghai Kurui Trading Co., Ltd.Show-Cause Order – Xiamen Plpaul Trading Co., LtdShow-Cause Order – Li HuanhuanShow-Cause Order – Jiang QiuyanShow-Cause Order – Shanghai Sentai Information Technology Co., Ltd.Show-Cause Order – Lin LingShow-Cause Order – Qingdao Kaipu Dun International Trade Co., Ltd.Show-Cause Order – Guo ZhenyuShow-Cause Order – Shen Zhen Shi Xiao Tu Ke Ji You Xian Gong SiOrder for Additional Sanctions – David Nelson Golphin, Jr. Exclusion Order – David Nelson Golphin, Jr. [PDF] (6Nov2018)Show-Cause Order – David Nelson Golphin, Jr. [PDF] (9Aug2018)Show-Cause Order – USAEU Intellectual Property Agency [PDF] (26Mar2018)Exclusion Order – Yang Guohua/Shenzhen YaYi Intellectual Property Agency [PDF] (29Jan2018)Exclusion Order – Samen Chen [PDF] (21Mar2017)Exclusion Order – Liang Gong [PDF] (21Mar2017)Exclusion Order – Nicholas Wang [PDF] (12Jan2017)Show-Cause Order – Liang Gong [PDF] (12Jan2017)Show-Cause Order – Samen Chen [PDF] (12Jan2017)Exclusion Order – Emilie Bo [PDF] [PDF CHINESE] (23Nov2016)Show-Cause Order – Yang Guohua [PDF] (15Nov2016)Exclusion Order – Zoltan Konder [PDF] (29Sept2016)Show-Cause Order – Emilie Bo [PDF] (19Sept2016)Show-Cause Order – Nicholas Wang [PDF-1] [PDF-2] (19Sept2016)Exclusion Order – Jason Don/Champion Intellectual Property Management [PDF] (26May2016)Show-Cause Order – Jason Don/Champion Intellectual Property Management [PDF] (26Feb2016)Exclusion Order – Richel Lee [PDF] (06Oct2015)Show-Cause Order – David Lipsker [PDF] (15Sept2015)Show-Cause Order – Andrew Alia [PDF] (21Aug2015)Show-Cause Order – Richel Lee [PDF] (3Aug2015)Show-Cause Order – Grace Chen [PDF] (29June2015)Show-Cause Order – Hubert Chan [PDF] (4June2015)Exclusion Order – Armens Oganesjans [PDF] (22Dec2014)Show-Cause Order – Noemi Fischer [PDF] (10Oct2014)Show-Cause Order – Armens Oganesjans [PDF-1] [PDF-2] (10Oct2014)Exclusion Order – Andy Ninh [PDF-1] [PDF-2] (21Feb2013)Exclusion Order – Bang Shia [PDF-1] [PDF-2] (21Feb2013)Show-Cause Order – Andy Ninh [PDF-1] [PDF-2] (25Oct2012)Show-Cause Order – Kenneth Ferreyro [PDF] (20Apr2012)Show-Cause Order – Alfred F. Hoyte, Jr. [PDF] (18Apr2012)Show-Cause Order – Bang Shia [PDF-1] [PDF-2] (23Jan2012)

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