Fortnite” Season 10 has been online for a full week, and this update also means that Epic Game has officially opened up a large-scale time travel theme. A new report said that in addition to the popular Dusty Depot, the company will also bring back five classic scenes in the coming weeks. In fact, at the beginning of the 10th season, many players were disappointed by the few changes to the Battle Royale map. The five locations that were subsequently brought back are expected to rekindle the enthusiasm of players.

Data miners Kleinmike and HypeX broke the news on Twitter: Recently, they explored the code for the 10th season of “Fortnite” and found the return of five other locations.Let me tell you what are these 5 scenes of Fortnite they are, respectively:

Scenes of Fortnite-Risky Reels

Scenes of Fortnite-Flush Factory

Scenes of Fortnite-Greasy Grove

Scenes of Fortnite-Moisty Mire

Scenes of Fortnite-Anarchy Acres

As for how Epic Game brought these locations back to Season 10 of Fortnite in the plot, it is currently unknown. Some people speculate that the old location may replace some of the current island locations.

Later, “Fortnite” officially announced that the game will soon support ray tracing technology, including light tracking reflection, light tracking shadow, light tracking ambient light occlusion, and light tracking global illumination. The YouTube UP main Cycu1 brought a comparison video, showing the effect of the game in a non-light chase environment and after the light chase is turned on.

“Fortress Night” ray tracing comparison:

“Fortress Night” ray tracing comparison

Through the comparison, we can see that the most obvious difference is the reflection quality. The reflection objects such as water bodies with light chase games have more realistic and accurate reflection effects. The rest of the changes brought about by light chasing technology include the improvement of the fidelity of the shadow of the object and the improvement of the environmental lighting effect. Together, these are enough to greatly enhance the visual experience of Fortnite.

scenario on fortnite

“Fortnite” will add ray tracing visual effects, NVIDIA DLSS, NVIDIA Reflex, and a custom RTX map in Chapter 2, Season 4.

scenario on fortnite

scenario on fortnite

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