Queen Elizabeth has said: “I announced in front of everyone.My whole life,Whether you short,It must be served for everyone.”Many people understand this sentence,She will sit in the throne.however,According to recent reports,In 1952, the Queen,Retirement,It is already coming.

  If rumored,More than 18 months,When the queen is 95 years old,She will leave the throne,His husband Phillip king,Also unloaded public responsibilities in this year.

  Retirement,It is already coming

  It is said thatPrince Charles,It is preparing for the throne from the mother’s hand.Recently, I have been involved in Andrew prince’s “retirement” incident from the public life.Let him have the identity of the regent,that is,He wants to manage many royal daily affairs.

  There is a royal inside,Tell “Sun News”: “” “around Andrew and Epstein scandal,Give Charles a chance,I strive to host the overall situation.The royal family system is supreme.Even the Queen’s love and Andrew,Can’t do it.”

  Prince Charles is preparing for work

  ”Charles understands this,Also take actions,Just as he is about to become the truth of the king.This matter Charles as a king,Or the king of shadow,Stand up.”

  since this year,Queen has been reducing the number of activities,Hand over the overseas business to the royal family.however,Prince Charles,The number of activities has increased,It is said that it also plays a major role.After the influence of Jeffrey Epstein scandal,Recently announced that the Prince Andrew will be “the foreseeable future” no longer ended the room.

  Elizabeth II young

  In a statement released on social media,The York Duke said: “These days have come,Things have been clear about me,I am with Jeffrey Love Pistan.Resulting in the environment,It has caused serious interference to my home.It also includes many agencies and charitable organizations that I am proud to support.”

  ”therefore,I have told the Queen,In the foreseeable future,Can let me leave public obligations,The Queen has also been approved.”

  Queen in 1952

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