Jodi may be one of Stardew Valley’s quieter personalities, but her friendship is always worth pursuing. Here’s how players can win her over.

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  Jodi (left); jodi's house (right)

  The mother of Sam and Vincent, Stardew Valley’s?Jodi spends her days keeping house, tending her garden, and catching up with her best friend Caroline. She’s happy with her peaceful life, but has her own troubles.?Jodi’s always worried for her boys, and for her husband Kent who returns from war carrying trauma.

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  Of course, the player must build a strong connection with Jodi before she will confide in them. Like any villager in Pelican Town, players can give her gifts, chat with her, and complete requests to form a bond with her. Here’s how to win her over.


  Jodi receiving a birthday gift

  A thoughtful gift always goes a long way — but like everyone else in?Stardew Valley, Jodi has likes and dislikes that players should remember. Additionally,?remember that gifts given on her birthday, Fall 11, result in 8x the usual friendship points (or loss thereof).

  The following are the best possible gifts for Jodi. Each of these will grant the player 80 points of friendship with her:

  Cooked Foods:?Chocolate Cake, Crispy Bass, Eggplant Parmesan, Fried Eel, Pancakes, Rhubarb Pie, Vegetable MedleyDiamondAll?Universal Loves:?Golden Pumpkin, Prismatic Shard, Magic Rock Candy, Pearl, Rabbit’s Foot


  These choices don’t grant quite as much friendship as the ones listed above, providing 45 points. Still, they’re great options to win Jodi’s favor:

  Fruit, except Spice BerryArtisan goods, except for Oil and Void MayonnaiseEggs,?except for Void EggFlowers, except for PoppyVegetables, except for Hops, Tea Leaves, Wheat, and Garlic

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  The following gifts will decrease?Jodi’s friendship with the player. Hated gifts lead to a more drastic decrease than Disliked. Any drop in friendship is bad news, though, so the player should never present her with the following items:


  Raw?fishGeodes?and geode mineralsCrafted items, including sprinklers, floors, tackle, etc.Most?mushrooms and other foraged itemsTrashCrafting materials such as?ores, coal,?or?sapSpice Berry

  The bulletin board (left); player holding a cauliflower (right)

  Like any villager, Jodi may post on the?bulletin board outside Pierre’s store, requesting a random item. Players will earn some gold and 150 friendship points if they complete?her objective.

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  Players will receive a letter from Jodi on the 19th of Spring, requesting a cauliflower. There is no time limit on this quest. Once players bring her the desired vegetable, she will reward them with 350g and her friendship with the farmer will increase by one heart.


  Jodi inviting the player to dinner

  Like many other villagers in Pelican Town, Jodi will send the player some of her favorite recipes once they reach a certain level of friendship with her:

  Fried Calamari:?This recipe doesn’t provide any buffs, and one of its main ingredients,?squid, is hard to come by. However, it’s often useful as a gift.Ice Cream: A decent source of health and energy, players can cook ice cream with common ingredients.

  At any level of friendship, Jodi may send the player a random type of?fertilizer in the mail. These come in handy in the early game, when players may not have the money or materials to buy or craft their own.


  Finally, Jodi will invite the player to dinner at her home once their friendship reaches four hearts. Players must bring a?largemouth bass to her house, entering in the evening. Though there is no reward for this quest, the cutscene is touching and shows how close the farmer has become to Jodi’s family.

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