Ubisoft have revealed a new trailer for Might & Magic: Era of Chaos during their Ubisoft Forward presentation.

  Players collect over 40 classic units and characters from the?Might & Magic and Heroes of Might & Magic?franchises, and use them in PvP duels against other players, or to help Queen Catherine Ironfist reclaim the Kingdom of Erathia (the same kingdom from the first three Heroes of Might & Magic games, as well as?Might and Magic?VI, VII, and VIII).

  You can find the Ubisoft Forward trailer below.

  You can find the full rundown (via the official website) below.

  Discover a massive story campaign

  Explore a massive world, gather warriors, creatures. Lead your troops in real-time ranged and siege battles.

  Outplay your opponents in fast-paced PVP duels

  Order your units carefully on the battlefield and enter the PvP arena.

  Team up in guild adventures & guild wars

  Join a guild and fight alongside friends and other players from all around the world. Rush castles and take over enemies’ strongholds in epic PVP battles.


  Recruit iconic heroes from the classic franchise Heroes of Might & Magic. Collect, train and upgrade 40+ dreadful troops and creatures: Knights, Griffins, Archangels, Dragons, Orcs and many more.

  Might & Magic: Era of Chaos?is free to play on Android, and iOS.

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