So it’s almost here — sports betting in Maryland. I can’t believe it’s actually happening. It’s an exciting time, but some of you may be nervous or have questions about betting at a sportsbook. It’s really simple, and there are a few different ways of going about it. You will have the opportunity to bet on so many different things.

  Let’s start off with the basics. You can place your straight bets by telling a sportsbook cashier the rotation number of the team you want to bet on. The rotation numbers are placed to left of every team on the odds board at the sportsbook.

  For example, as I’m writing this, the Nuggets are playing the Suns. The rotation number is 511 for the Nuggets +6 or 512 for the Suns -6. If you wanted the Nuggets +6 for $100, you could say, “Give me the Nuggets for $100,” or, “Give me 511 for $100.” The “vig” or “juice” — the sportsbook’s commission on a losing bet — is typically -110 on a point spread, meaning you have to put down $110 to net $100. As such, you would get a ticket that says win $210. If you win, you collect the $210.

  Using rotation numbers makes it easier for the cashier to process your bet, and the rotation numbers are universal. They are also helpful when betting parlays or teasers. If it is easier for you, a lot of places will work with you on setting up a ticket if you just use team names. You will always have to pay the money up front along with the juice.

  If you are betting moneylines, you will have to lay the full price. For example, hockey, baseball or boxing will always have a moneyline because you are picking a team to win and not cover a point spread. Football and basketball games will have moneylines you can bet on, but they will obviously have point spreads as well. Let’s say you were betting on the Orioles -180 and you wanted to win $100. You would pay the cashier $180 and get a ticket back for $280.

  You will have the opportunity to wager on prop bets year-round now as well — and not just on the Super Bowl. You can bet on how many rebounds Rudy Gobert grabs in a Jazz game. It may be Gobert over 10.5 rebounds (-120). So if you wanted to win $100, you would give the cashier $120 and get a ticket back to collect $220 if you win.

  It can be very overwhelming when you first walk into a sportsbook, but it’s really easy. Place your bet the way you want it and don’t get flustered by a long line. Always double-check your ticket to make sure it’s right. It can also be fun to place a bet and then watch all the games with the other gamblers around you. There are a lot of TVs in sportsbooks with people rooting for all sorts of different games.

  Sports gambling will start with the casinos first, but once all the apps are available we will be in heaven. There will be so many different promotions that you can take advantage of with each app. Some sites offer boosters that can win you crazy cash on same game parlays and you might even get referral bonuses, so I would take advantage of those when they are available.

  The sports gambling pool in Maryland is about to get crazy. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to cannonball right in and have a blast. As always, bet within your means. Let’s win some serious cash when the time comes!

  Jeremy Conn is the co-host of “The Big Bad Morning Show” on 105.7 The Fan.

  Photo Credit: Courtesy of Delaware Park

  Issue 269: June/July 2021

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