recently,March 23, Geely Car held a performance communication meeting,During the period, the new electric brands of Geely will be introduced.(Extremely golden gold?)

  It is reported that,The new car will officially start pre-sale in April this year.The first in September began delivery,The new car has been officially released in September last year.However, it was named to pick Zero at the time.At last,Geely officially established a new company,Named itLi Shufu personally served as the chairman of the extreme 极 company,An Cong Hui is a cemented company CEO,Geely Motors will fund 51%,Geely holding 49%,The company’s registered capital is 2 billion yuan.





  At this time, I divided the previous leader Zero to the new company.As a new electric brand brand of Geely,As the first work of extreme,Extreme Jun Zero is based on Geely brand new Sea vast architecture.Will hope to open pre-sale in Shanghai, ChinaAnd officially delivered in the fourth quarter,The price is expected to be around 300,000 to 500,000 yuan.


  Extremely zeero is positioned in medium large-scale pure electric cross-border cars,The new car uses the latest leader in the leader.Perfectly fused fashion, exercise,The shape design of the cross-border car ensures that practicality has also increased the identity of the model.Team close to the five meters of the long and nearly three meters,Let the ride space greatly improve.







  It is reported that,The new car will provide the rear-drive and four-wheel drive mode 100 kilometers of acceleration only 3.9 seconds,And will be equipped with 100KWH battery pack,The maximum driving mileage is 700km under the NEDC operating conditions.The maximum support of 800 volts help users achieve 120km for five minutes of charging.Perfectly solved the battery life anxiety problem.In addition,The new car is also equipped with a highly adjustable air suspension system.Adjustable range is 150mm ~ 220mm,Extremely enhanced practicality.

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