We’re practically drowning in summertime events when it comes to mobile games. Fire Emblem Heroes, Dragalia Lost, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp are all working on their tans already but today it’s time for Mario Kart Tour to hit the beach. And who better to bring those sunny vibes than the energetic princess of Sarasaland?

  Swimwear Daisy is the newest High-End driver to get behind the wheel, and her attire is well suited to the Summer Tour and the latest track making its MKT debut. GBA Cheep-Cheep Island can now be found in-game, giving Super Circuit a little more love and a fresh look.

  The #MarioKartTour Summertime Celebration is on now! A flurry of events will occur across three consecutive tours, starting in the Summer Tour! There are multi-tour challenges that offer a High-End driver, a new driver you can get by placing high in the ranked cups, and more! pic.twitter.com/5F9VudgvAS

  — Mario Kart Tour (@mariokarttourEN) June 30, 2021

  If you haven’t been up to speed with Mario Kart Tour, it may be a good time to get back in. It’s beginning a Summertime Celebration campaign that will include challenges with rewards like Classic Mario as a driver, better buyables in the tour-long Token Shops, and more. These will be active for three whole tours, or a six week period, starting now with the Summer Tour’s debut.

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