recently,According to the news published by the Royal Madrid Club official website,Before the sale of PS5,Sony hopes to sign a strategic partnership with the Royal Madrid club with the Rule of La Liga,Consolidate its PLAYSTATION brand in Spain’s influence.Sony cooperated with Real Madrid to launch exclusive PS4 Pro + “FIFA 21” and PS5 sets.

  PlayStation cooperates with Real Madrid:

  The Press release in PlayStation cooperation with Real Madrid said: “Real Madrid and PlayStation signed a strategic partnership in the Spanish market,And let entertainment and sports cooperation reach a new level.The cooperation agreement includes the first team of male and female football in Real Madrid and a basketball team.And the entire PlayStation ecosystem,Includes PSVR and Digital Services PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now.Simultaneously,Both sides will cooperate to launch new PS5 and PS4 Real Madrid exclusive hosts.”


  Currently,Sony has determined to launch an exclusive PS4 Pro set with Real Madrid.These include “FIFA 21” games and additional items in various games.

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