Far Cry 6 is on the horizon! While there are a few innovations it should definitely keep from New Dawn, there are few things we hope it avoids.

  By Dakota Atreidis

  Published Nov 06, 2020


  Far Cry 6 cover featuring villain Anton Castillo and his son Diego

  The Far Cry franchise is one of the staples of developer Ubisoft. Unveiled at Ubisoft’s first Ubisoft Forward event in July was the next installment in the Far Cry series. Far Cry 6 is scheduled for release on February 18, 2021, and will feature a new landscape and villain.

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  Giancarlo Esposito will be portraying the tyrannical President Antón Castillo, the leader of the tropical island of Yara. Players can expect the usual high-intensity firefights that make the series as memorable as it is. Far Cry: New Dawn added a few new mechanics to the franchise that?should or shouldn’t be in Far Cry 6.


  Far Cry: New Dawn enemies outside of an outpost

  Far Cry: New Dawn had several outposts around the map for players to liberate and conquer. Unlike other games these outposts are repeatable. After taking over an outpost, players have the option to scavenge the outpost. This would reward materials for crafting as well as repopulating the outposts with enemies. These new enemies are more numerous, powerful, and diverse. Ubisoft’s outpost takeover system received an upgrade that was long overdue.?This change improved the system by?challenging players, rewarding more materials, and increasing time devoted to the game that Far Cry 6 should contain.

  Far Cry enemies at different tiers fighting the protagonist

  The most noticeable change introduced to the Far Cry: New Dawn was the RPG-like system implemented. Enemies, weapons, and vehicles all came with a color system to designate their power. Enemies were accompanied by health bars and depending on their color could take several magazines of ammo to down.

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  Weapons that had a higher color tier came with silencers, magazine size increases, and other bonuses that made life easier. Unfortunately, players had to grind for resources if they wanted to gain access to these weapons.


  Far Cry: New DAwn home base Prosperity

  Far Cry: New Dawn has its home base in one of the landmarks from Far Cry 5, allowing players to easily familiarize themselves with the new map. Other than to help players familiarize themselves the home base acts as a progression system. Resources from completing missions and events can be used to improve the home base. Upgrades such as the explosive lab, healing garden, and infirmary enhance the aesthetics of the base. Not only does upgrading help with the cosmetics of player’s bases, but it also helps add new weapons, consumables, and vehicles.

  Far Cry: New Dawn's locked weapon customization

  Customizing weapons allowed players to have a weapon for every situation. A silenced sniper rifle, an assault rifle with a scope, and a pistol with an increased magazine size could help or hinder situations. But players had the choice to change these weapon accessories. Far Cry: New Dawn took this freedom away from their fans. Weapons could not be customized in any way. The best of these weapons were locked until players neared the end of the game. This new way of playing also made a silent and tactical gameplay approach nearly impossible.


  Far Cry: New Dawn expedition starting area in Prosperity

  Expeditions acted similarly to outposts. They were repeatable quests that increased difficulty and rewards with each completion. Players were tasked with arriving at an enemy-controlled location, retrieving a package, and safely extracting it via helicopter. While the game mode didn’t make a lot of sense lore-wise, it offered unique locations and interesting ways of play. An improved and more lore-friendly approach to expeditions would be a welcome sight in Far Cry 6.

  Far Cry 5 protagonist customization screen

  Far Cry: Primal was the last instance of a Far Cry game having a named and voiced character. Far Cry 5 and New Dawn allow players to choose whether to play as a male or female. While it seems prudent to save money on voice actors by not having any, this decision ultimately harms the experience.

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  Adding a name and a voice to the player character makes them more relatable. Without a voice, the player controlled character lacks a personality seems more robotic than human.


  Far Cry: New Dawn treasure hunt

  Far Cry: New Dawn’s version of Far Cry 5’s bunker side objectives. Treasure hunts act as a way to earn resources, restock ammo, and gain perk points. These treasure hunts are scattered all over the map, giving players nearly endless opportunities to complete them. Taking a break from the chaotic battles, players need to use environmental clues to solve puzzles that will unlock the rewards from these locations.?Treasure hunts, or some kind of variation, would be a great way to explore the world and gain resources while playing Far Cry 6.

  Far Cry 5's villain Joseph Sedd

  Many of the skills and abilities possessed by Far Cry protagonists could be considered superpowers. Landing on a flying plane to steal a briefcase, pulling shrapnel from an injured hand while driving, and jumping off a building to land safely on an enemy could all be considered superpowers.

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  But Far Cry: New Dawn took it a step further by allowing players to become literal superhumans. Towards the end of the game, players will unlock powers?granted by Joseph Seed?that allows players to complete extraordinary feats. While useful, these abilities seemed out of place.


  Far Cry: New Dawn's weapon wheel showing weapons and craftables

  Far Cry: New Dawn made crafting extremely easy for players. Opening the weapon wheel shows all of the craftable items on the left. This removes the multiple button presses it took to craft items in past games. This improvement allows for quick crafting on the go. If players desperately need an explosive or bait while taking on an outpost they can craft one as they’re taking one out. Far Cry 6 could greatly benefit from a quick and easy to use crafting system.

  Far Cry: New Dawn's monstrous bison attacks

  Monstrous?animals are tough, fast, and strong. They provided an interesting challenge for players and rewarded a good deal of rare resources. Each animal has a unique weak spot that players are encouraged to target. These animals would make no sense being in Far Cry 6. The next installment takes place before the events of Far Cry 5, so there would be no need to physically change animals. However, a version of Far Cry: Primal’s Great Beasts would be a nice sight.

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