Evil Dead: The Game from Boss Team Games had its gameplay reveal, and it appears to be missing one major character based on its new trailer.

  By Paul Mason

  Published Jun 11, 2021


  Evil Dead The Game Multiplayer Ash Characters

  Evil Dead: The Game?was further unveiled at Summer Game Fest as an asymmetrical multiplayer title. The game was originally announced at The Game Awards 2020, and the first significant details about it have been revealed. The game is set to bring multiplayer action to players based on the?franchise. Several playable characters have been confirmed for the game, including Bruce Campbell’s Ash Williams, Arthur from?Army of Darkness, and several other fan favorites. However, there is one major character conspicuously absent from?Evil Dead: The Game.

  Evil Dead: The Game?will have various characters, heroes and villains, from different?Evil Dead?projects.?The original movies, plus the?Ash vs. Evil Dead?TV show, are well represented with the revealed characters so far. The developer, Boss Team Games,?is working towards an authentic representation of?the?Evil Dead?franchise. Several actors, including Bruce Campbell, are returning to their iconic roles for the game. Since its reveal, however, some fans have been curious about the inclusion of characters from 2013’s?Evil Dead?remake.

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  Evil Dead The Game Multiplayer Ash Characters

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  Evil Dead 2013 Allen Cabin

  Based on what has been revealed so far, it seems as though 2013’s?Evil Dead?reimagining?won’t feature in?Evil Dead: The Game. The 2013 movie was something of a reboot of the original The Evil Dead?movie, and it was praised by some fans and critics for its alternate take on the franchise. The movie was notably darker and less campy than the Sam Raimi originals, which was appreciated by some fans of the franchise. While?Evil Dead: The Game?seems to be honoring the original movies and TV show that star Ash Williams, the 2013 movie doesn’t seem to be figuring into the equation.


  Several characters are returning for?Evil Dead: The Game, but it seems as though Mia Allen won’t be one of them. Mia is the lead character of 2013’s?Evil Dead?movie, and she’s considered by many to be a composite character of Ash and his sister Cheryl. While she’s different from Ash, she is shown to be more than capable of wielding a chainsaw and dishing out one-liners to demonic forces.

  Her lack of presence in?Evil Dead: The Game?is somewhat surprising, especially considering that 2013’s?Evil Dead?movie is considered to be a continuation of the series, rather than a reset of the franchise. Mia Allen would be a great addition to the game, so much so that some fans have expressed their displeasure at her apparent exclusion.


  evil dead the game cover art

  Boss Team Games has a lot to draw from for?Evil Dead: The Game, as the franchise has featured a diverse roster of horrific and comedic characters.?Evil Dead: The Game?could benefit from its cast of characters being expanded over time, and Mia Allen is one such character who could help keep the game fresh. The developer will likely want to keep fans invested for as long as possible, and new characters could be the way to do it.

  2013’s?Evil Dead?represents a big part of the franchise that could be leveraged for additional content, and Mia Allen would likely be at the forefront of that. The developer could also still have time to add her character to the base version of the game, as the game has a broad release window of 2021.


  Fans are excited to see more of?Evil Dead: The Game?after its reveal, and some are hoping to see Mia Allen included in the title at some point. The original movies and?Ash vs. Evil Dead?have had characters revealed, but so far there has been no representation for 2013’s movie shown. Mia Allen would be the obvious candidate to be included in the game, as she’s the movie’s main protagonist. Perhaps there is time to add Mia to the base game before it releases, or if that isn’t possible, Mia would be a perfect addition as DLC in the future.

  Evil Dead: The Game?is set to launch on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, and PC in 2021.


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