There are so many card games that it is impossible to count all of them and establish unique rules. Card games history is very complicated. All over the world there are a lot of variations of the same games, depending on the country or region: different designs, cards in decks, and. etc. For some games one classic deck of 52 cards is enough, while for others you must have specialized cards or use more decks.

  One sure fact that is the same for all of them is that card games are fun and intriguing. Some also have a cult social status, especially among men and in addition to fun, card games are a great way to exercise your brain.

  Thinking moves, strategy and special competitive tension are what make card games really exceptional. That’s why we’ve made you a shortlist of 6 fun and easy card games that everyone should know.

  1) Rummy

  Planetarily popular Rummy card game, with variations depending on the region and continent. The initial premise is very simple. It is important to get rid of all seven cards, which players receive when dealing. In addition to these initial seven cards, during the game, you will be able to have a so-called float that can be added to pairs or replaced.

  During the game, the path is crossed from the king to the ace. To win you have to make sets of at least three cards of the same sign or the same suit. At the end you have to have that one to win.

  2) Hearts

  Hearts are also one of the classic games. What’s special about this card game is that you don’t need to be skilly to do tricks. Cards marked “Heart” are bad cards in this game and they are not cards you want to collect as well as the Queen of Spades.

  This game is based on a kind of reverse psychology. Hearts are evil, and even though they play up to 100 points – the one who collects them is a loser. To win this game you must have the least points. So as few hearts as possible, which is 3 points, and a spade lady who carries 13 points.

  The modern version of the Hearts game relies on the French tradition from the 17th century. In the 20th century, a rule was introduced in European colleges that the game must be played with at least 4 players. The game is further popularized on the Internet; even Windows incorporated it into the basics of its 1991 operating system.

  One thing is for sure, if you don’t already have anyone to play this game offline, you will come across a real crowd on the internet.

  3) Go Fish

  For many, this card game is a direct association with childhood. It is very simple and is often the first card game we learned in childhood.

  Neal Taparia owner of remembers he played this catchy game as a child.

  The concept of the game is very banal, but also addictive. The goal is to find pairs of the same cards and if you succeed first – you are the winner.

  A classic deck of 52 cards is enough for this game. There are also several versions, so somewhere only the numerical value of the map is calculated, and somewhere suits.

  4) Solitaire

  As the name suggests, Solitaire is a lonely game, i.e. a card game that can be played by one person. According to some sources, it was first mentioned in the 17th century and is another card game that has a lot of versions.

  In the beginning, it was supposed to be a group game, where each player had his own deck of cards and who was the first to arrange all the cards – he was the winner. Over time, players probably realized that it was possible to play against themselves, or against the deck in many variations.

  Legend has it that Napoleon adored solitaire and that he was responsible for the popularity of this game. The modern resurrection of solitaire also happened with the development of PCs and Windows operating systems.

  Everyone who has used, or continues to use Windows, knows that solitaire is still part of the basic package. The object of the game is to play all the cards that have been dealt with you and thus create a set. You must arrange the set in alternating numbers, arranging the cards from king to ace.

  On the pile above you will line up the cards from the opposite to the ace to the king. We can characterize this game as a simple card game with a reversal. It’s great that you can play it yourself anywhere.

  5) Crazy Eights

  Crazy Eights is a card game that, depending on the number of players, can be played with two decks of 52 cards. Once very popular with young people, it draws its origins from the Euchreu game.

  In the 20th century, it became popular with American soldiers during World War II. Crazy Eights helped them to get rid of the tension and to sharpen their focus.

  The goal of the game is to run out of cards as soon as possible and whoever collects 100 points or more first. If the game is played by a lot of players, the maximum number of points increases. For each additional player – the final goal is increased by 50 points.

  As with all other card games, there are a multitude of variations of Crazy Eights. In essence, it is a mental-strategic game that occupies the mind and soul, which is probably why it is called Crazy Eights.

  6) Poker

  There is probably no adult in the world who has not heard of Poker. A famous card game whose popularity is growing every day.

  It is an American game, created around 1800 in New Orleans. Extremely masculine with pronounced betting tendencies. Gambling and betting, which are an essential part of this game – is probably the reason for today’s popularity.

  Today, Texas Hold Em poker is popular, online and offline. This game, you guessed it, has just as many versions, but the basic one is still addictive. A lot of movies and series have been done on the topic of poker and famous poker players, which is probably why this game is cult with a somewhat mystical atmosphere of the North American continent.

  It is extremely competitive and strategic. In fact, your whole body is playing; movement psychology, body language – it’s all part of the bluffing and stylistic atmosphere of this amazing game.

  All of these games are basically simple, with so many variations that you can adapt them to any age and skill. Also, they are all part of a huge tradition of card games and still equally fun.

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