While, the game was there, there were thousands of users and fans, but after its ban, the game has only grown in its size and stature, as millions of fans of the game in India are waiting for it with a baited breath.

  Even though, the government has stated that the users of PUBG Mobile can download and play the global version, which is not illegal, the popular version of the game in the country – the Korean one – received a 1.2 update recently.

  While, the launch of PUBG Mobile India game in the country has gained steam after the company uploaded a new trailer on YouTube, hinting at the launch sooner rather than later.

  The reports on the other hand have revealed that PUBG Mobile India game may take time in its launch, as the early reports had said that the game might see a lauch anytime between January second to third week.

  In a recent update, PUBG Mobile has added members to its India team suggesting they are not giving up on the game’s return in the country and with FAUG release date been out, PUBG would want to reenter the Indian markets soon, as some sources said the game could see a launch in March.

  But till that time, the gamers can install the Korean version, designed especially for Korea and Japan, but has been a popular version of the first-person game in various countries apart from India.

  The PUBG Mobile Korean version, can be downloaded and availed in India by the fans of the popular game. To download APK link of the game, the user has to do it through TapTap.

  Step 1: Download the application from the TapTap store, after writing PUBG Mobile Kore in the serach box

  Step 2: Select the game and download the app, one has to have memory space as the game if of 624 MB

  Step 3: After the game is downloaded, the users has to install it but before installing, one has to keep in mind one thing.

  If the option of Download from unknown sources is not checked, one has to enable it.

  To Enable Installation From Unknown Sources:

  Go to Settings > then go in Safety and Privacy > Allow Installation from Unknown Sources

  After installing the game, the users can play the game.

  Another RTI was filed, this time with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, asking about the launch of the game. However, the Government of India (GoI) has still not granted permission of its relaunch amidst the speculations.

  The Ministry will give a go-ahead only after analysing the app and its policies since the ban took place due to data and security threats in the first place.

  Although, the PUBG Mobile Corporation had ensured the timely audits and verification of the storage systems to assure the users of their private information in the upcoming PUBG Mobile India version, which will be heavily customised for the Indian users.

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