Fantasy Disney Comprehensive Analysis 1-75 Carrying Pets-Disney online games

0-30 In the initial stage, rapid upgrade is king

The main purpose of players at this stage is to level up. For various missions and burning doubles in the wild, the master gate is the first choice for players to level up. In fact, I don’t recommend everyone to catch BB before level 45. Frequent replacement is also not conducive to B practice. At this stage, strong output BB is the best combo partner, and attacking leveling pets are the player’s favorite choice. Let me recommend a few such partners that I think are quite good.

Butterfly seahorse that can be carried at level 5

Butterfly Seahorse is a standard physical output type partner. The talent combination of lore + night vision + corrosion + advanced anti-shock has obvious advantages at this stage. However, from a long-term perspective, the difference between a wild pet and a baby is not that big, because after all, this is a pet carried in the early stage and has no value in long-term cultivation.

Recommended plus point: full force

Dr. Owl that can be carried at level 15

Owl’s fierce + combo + sanctity is a very good combination. After entering level 30, these advantages will gradually become apparent, especially when doing the Shark Bone Cave mission, Sanctity has a strong lethal power against the ghosts in the cave. But judging from the actual capture situation, Dr. Owl with excellent talent and aptitude is unlikely to appear.

Recommended plus point: full force

Auntie Hippo that can be carried at level 25

Aunt Hippo is an upgraded version of Owl, combo + night vision + sneak attack + holy talent combination, 1440 attack aptitude and 1.00 growth rate, is the most worthy of the first stage.

Recommended plus point: full force

The second stage of level 30-60, the development of diversified activities and tasks

Players at this stage begin to become familiar with the game’s tasks, activities, etc. At this time, the choice of fighting against pets is not only for leveling, but also for diversified development and excellent deputy positions.

Grouper and panhead fish that can be carried at level 35

These two pets are good physical attacking partners. The first combination of talents is advanced lore + advanced ghosts + holiness, which are more suitable for tasks and various activities.

Recommendation: full force or 4 force 1 body

A baboon that can be carried at level 45

Baboon is a favorite of the law, whether you are a group output class like the Elf Marksman, or a single point kill class like a noble swordsman, or a control class like the blood shadow dancer, carrying a group law baby, it can be extremely Greatly speed up the efficiency of field leveling. At this level, it is worthwhile to wash a group spell with a mana aptitude of about 2400 + high-level anti-shock + high-level holy baboon with magic light spring water.

plus point recommendation: all magic or 4 magic 1 body

A thorny skinner that can be carried at level 55

The reason why the thornpiper is worth recommending should be its good offensive and defensive qualifications and a physical qualification of up to 5000+. You can consider training into a blood-tolerant meat shield partner.

Additional recommendation: 4 strength and 1 resistance

Level 60-75, free combination of talents, plus points

Players at this stage are already familiar with the various gameplay methods of the game, and have their own views on the cultivation of partners. The types of partners at this stage are also quite rich, mainly reflected in talent combinations and bonus points. Everyone pays more attention to cultivating PK and cultivating partners. The talents and skills that partners carry are no longer limited, and more and more exclusive partners begin to appear.

Captain Flying Eagle who can be carried at level 65

The 3000 mana qualifications have reached the highest qualifications of almost all spell-type partners. As a new generation of the king of magical pets, the gap between Captain Flying Eagle and more advanced spell-type partners is only in terms of growth rate, group spell + mind and eye + absorbed talent The combination is a typical spell-type partner.

Additional recommendation: 4 magic and 1 body or 4 magic and 1 resistance

A flamingo that can be carried at level 65

The speed aptitude of Flamingo is remarkable among all pets that can be carried at present. In fact, the most important thing is the talent of high-level rebirth. Therefore, the flamingo is more suitable to be cultivated as a blood pet.

Additional recommendation: 3 magic with 2 bodies or 3 magic with 1 body and 1 resistance

The stinging scorpion king carried at level 75

Poisonous Scorpion King has an offensive and defensive qualification of 1440 and a growth rate of up to 1.25, making him a very good offensive partner. The only regret is that the three talents are not ideal. If you can cooperate with the Secret Code of Companions, you will be a superb baby if you have a high-level lore + high-level combos!

Additional recommendation: 4 powers and 1 body

A Rubin bear carried at level 75

The talent combination of advanced parry + advanced lore makes it a cheap and easy-to-use attacking partner.

Recommended points: 4 powers and 1 body

In addition to the above recommended pets, there are some precautions for catching pets I want to share with you:

1. Go to the Emerald City to find the mysterious thieves, learn the following 2 skills, hunting skills and escape skills (you can learn level 20 first, and it is better to finish level 40). The hunting skill is to reduce the baby’s chance of escape and increase the rounds you capture. , Grasping the baby must learn.

2. The escape technique is for catching the baby at the advanced level. It is used for escape (you can live with high defense, you don’t need to learn it). Sometimes you may randomly brush other wild monsters together. If you die once, you can’t get it. So don’t die if you catch the baby. the basic.

3. Before catching the monster, it is best to find a way to kill the baby a little blood in the first round. After the blood is reduced, the baby is quite easy to catch.

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