Despite killing many Greek gods and almost destroying Greece in God of War, Kratos actually let a fair amount of gods survive all the carnage.

  By Jonah Schuhart

  Published Feb 11, 2021



  Before?God of War’s?protagonist Kratos crossed paths the gods of Norse Mythology, he made a name for himself by toppling the Greek Pantheon and destroying Olympus’ most powerful rulers. However, there are close to a dozen Greek Gods that managed to survive Kratos’ path of destruction.

  Despite almost destroying the entirety of Ancient Greek civilization as a result of his god-slaying rampage in?God of War 3,?Kratos actually had very little desire to kill other deities as long as they stayed out of his way. Most of Kratos’ pent-up anger was directed at his father, Zeus, and any death or destruction he caused on his way to Zeus was deemed acceptable collateral damage.?As a result, there’s a decent number of gods who survived Kratos’ rampage.

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  The majority of Kratos’ god-kills are on high-ranking members of the Olympian pantheon. Zeus was Kratos’ main target, and the thunder-god’s closest relatives were generally the ones most invested in his survival. However,?three major Olympian gods survived the bloodshed, mostly because they had the sense to stay out of the god-killing maniac’s way.?For instance, Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, chose to seduce Kratos instead of opposing him. Meanwhile,?the twin archer gods Apollo and Artemis simply never encountered Kratos during his war on Olympus.


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  Most of the other surviving gods are minor deities who only get mentioned in passing or appear in supplemental content. However, what they lack in content they make up for in sense. Like Apollo and Artemis, they reasoned that complete avoidance is likely the best way to prevent death-by-Kratos. These lesser, sensible Olympians are: Phobos (god of fear), Circe (magic), Amphitrite (Queen of the Sea), Triton (waves), and Nike (victory).

  Finally, several primordial gods – older than the Olympians – have assumedly survived the original?God of War?games. The god of dreams, Morpheus, and the Titan Eos served as an absent villain and an ally respectively in?God of War: Chains of Olympus, but that was before Kratos took up god-killing as a hobby. Finally, Eros, the primordial god of love prior to Aphrodite, is mentioned briefly in?God of War: Ascension.?All three of these gods also had the good sense to let Kratos do his own thing.


  In total, 11?gods were smart enough to survive the original God of War?games.?This fact adds an extra layer of?optimism to the game’s bittersweet ending. As a final, redeeming act after likely killing most of the Greek population, Kratos passes on the power of Hope to mankind’s survivors to help them rebuild. Hope is powerful enough to kill gods, so it’s theoretically possible that the empowered humans could team up with the remaining gods and rebuild. Unfortunately, this scenario is only a possibility, and one that likely won’t be explored as Kratos’ journeys continue to take place in Scandinavia.


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