Recently Chris Pine joined the cast of Dungeons & Dragons movie. This is a big deal because Chris has been on a roll lately, starring in Wonder Woman and Star Trek. Now he will be joining Hugh Grant for the live-action adaptation of D&D! Chris portrays the iconic character “Ivanhoe,” who joins forces with Elric (Hugh Grant) to stop an evil wizard from destroying civilization. We can’t wait to see Chris and Hugh together as they team up against this powerful villain!

  This is a new movie, but there have been some hints out on the internet about when it might be released. Chris Pine has said that he expects the film to come out “sometime next year” and then Chris Hemsworth – Thor himself! – also revealed on Instagram what looked like a poster for Dungeons & Dragons with a release date of 3rd March 2023.

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  June 30, 2021

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  June 30, 2021

  The film is under Paramount Productions and is likely to have a theatre release instead of being streamed on online platforms.

  Much Of The Storyline Will Remain A Mystery For Now. But Expect Some Big Heroes To Join Ivanhoe And Elric On Their Epic Journey Against Evil Wizard Xarfaxus.

  The Film’s Director Has Said That It’ll Be A “Fun, Action-packed” Adventure For The Whole Family.

  What is “Dungeons & Dragons”?about?

  The Plot Follows A Party Of Adventurers, Led By The Legendary Elf King Elric On Their Quest To Find And Destroy Evil Wizard Xarfaxus.

  “Dungeons & Dragons” tells a coming-of-age story of three heroes; who unite to battle the forces of evil; to save the world from destruction. Chris will portray one of these adventurers: Ivanhoe – An elven warrior and nobleman; whose bravery is unmatched on earth. Or among elves; Chris Pine (Star Trek Beyond) will play Elric – Another adventurer who sets off with his friends on an epic quest for answers about their past; and finally, Hugh Grant as Chris’ father Harold – also known as “Harek” who is a wizard and also Chris’ best friend.

  The movie is set to have a spectacular star cast which includes:

  Regé-Jean Page

  Chris Pine

  Hugh Grant


  Chloe Coleman

  Michelle Rodriguez

  Justice Smith

  Sophia Lillis

  Jason Wong

  Many of these famous faces have starred in other popular movies, including Legally Blonde, Star Wars Episode VII, The Force Awakens 29 April 1977, Snow White & The Huntsman 2012, etc. This movie looks like it’s going to be a great success!

  The director has said that it’ll be a “fun, action-packed” adventure for the whole family. Chris Pine is excited about working with his co-stars and director James Wan on this blockbuster film. We’re all looking forward to seeing Chris as Dungeon Master extraordinaire Tyrion Lannister in the upcoming movie.

  Dungeons & Dragons: New Details About Chris Pine's Character Revealed -  FandomWireSource:

  As Chris Pine said, “Dungeons & Dragons” is a story that brings people together, and just like with my family, we’ve been playing this game for generations.” Chris has played D&D games with his nieces and nephews since he was 14 years old! We’re really looking forward to the movie’s release on 3rd March 2023.

  What are the mystic characters of “Dungeons & Dragons”?

  The four main characters in the movie are all members of a well-established adventuring party. Chris Pine is playing Tyrion Lannister, an Elf wizard and Dungeon Master extraordinaire who’s looking forward to exploring this new world with his friends. The other three adventurers are played by Ansel Elgort (Thog), Lizzy Caplan ?(Lizbeth), and Kostya Smyslov (Kil’Jaedan).

  How does Chris feel about portraying such an iconic character as a D&D dungeon master?

  This role was Chris’s first choice for what could be described as his dream project! Chris has been involved in Dungeons & Dragons games since he was 14 years old, so Chris has played D&D games with his nieces and nephews since he was 14 years old! Chris is a big fan of the game.

  What will happen in the “Dungeons & Dragons” movie?

  The plot follows Chris Pine’s character, who, as Dungeon Master, leads his group against an evil force that threatens to destroy everything they love. It also features some classic scenes from the original tabletop fantasy role-playing game, Dungeons & Dragons. Chris has never been shy about revealing how much he enjoys playing this awesome family activity with his own kids – it really does look like Chris’ dream project come true!”

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