People have been hurting for money during the pandemic, and have turned to the internet in search of solutions such as taking online surveys to make money, but one Bradley County couple warns us of the dangers.

  Sixty-year-old Gabrielle Gates cried as she recalled receiving a fraudulent check from a company that calls itself Inacross Research, and explained that if she had deposited that check it could’ve drained her entire bank account.

  “They want to take everything I worked for, and it's just very hard,” said Gates as tears rolled down her cheeks.

  ”We would've probably been living out here on the street,” said Randy Cook her husband.

  Such as many others struggling during the pandemic, the couple said they were trying to make extra money fast, that they desperately needed.

  They signed up to take a survey online and were promised a check for 3,890 dollars.

  The check arrived in the mail, but their hope turned to despair when Cook tried to cash it at the Region’s Bank on Treasury Drive in Cleveland, Tennessee.

  ”The other lady (Bank official) says, no that check is not good that check is a scam,” said Cook.

  He said the bank tellers then informed him that depositing the check would make the scammers privy to their bank information and then they could have all the money from their account stolen.

  “I am very, very thankful that the bank caught it,” said Gates in between sobs.

  Channel 3 called the number that came along with the instructions attached to the fraudulent check to ask Inacross Research why they were sending out checks that banks flagged as fraudulent and they hung up.

  Gate’s and her husband’s experience is a reminder to be careful when you come across offers that seem too good to be true.

  ”We want people to take it very seriously,” said Gates.

  Channel 3 obtained the report she filed with the Bradley County Sheriff’s office that detailed the incident and deputies said they are investigating.?

  You can text?BRADLEYSO and add a space, type your tip and send to?847-411 to alert the Bradley County Sheriff's Office about scams.?

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