Top 10 Low Budget High Value Cars

Everyone dreams of owning a luxury car, but most can never imagine it as a possibility. While the Porsche and Lamborghini may never be achievable you can easily buy a car that looks expensive but is a fraction of the cost. These are the top ten price friendly yet high quality cars you can buy.

Top 10 Low Budget High Value Cars

1.) Toyota Corolla
This compact car comes design with vinyl upholstery, LED lights, Leather wrapped steering wheel and an infotainment system. With is affordable price it offers the right amount of style and sensibility.

2.) Nissan Titan 2015
This highly durable truck offers power and a wide array of special features. For control over any terrain the Nissan Titan is an optimal choice.

3.) Chevrolet Trax 2016
With its turbo 6-speed automatic crossover you get a high performing and safe vehicle. With airbags located throughout the vehicle and a StabiliTrak electronic stability system you can rest assure that you are driving in a safe and secure automobile.

4.) Nissan Path Finder 2016
If you are looking for a high quality SUV without the high quality price tag the Nissan Path Finder is the vehicle for you. It comes equipped with anti lock brakes, airbag sensors, cruise control, traction control and a number of other features to make driving this SUV comfortable and enjoyable.

5.) Nissan Quest 2016
Looking for an upgrade to the family car? The Nissan Quest minivan is the perfect family car to load all the keeps or pets up in easily and comfortably.

6.) KIA Optima Hybrid 2015
KIA makes a number of quality hybrid vehicles but the Optima is by far one of the best. It has a 6-speed automatic transmission, anti lock brakes, side seat airbags, overhead airbags, sensor for airbags and plenty of other standard features that make this car stand out.

7.) Subaru Impreza 2015
This chic and stylish sedan is the perfect car for anyone who wants a sensible car that offers luxury at an affordable price. With a number of safety features and a 5 speed manual transmission with overdrive you get the power, comforts and additional features of a luxury car but for a fraction of the price.

8.) Buick Verano
If you want to really look like you are part of the rich and famous this simple car will get heads to car. With a lavish interior and a stylish exterior it is amazing that the car is priced at below $30,000.

9.) Chrysler 200
This midsize sedan focus on elegant style and class at an affordable price. The Chrysler 200 is a cross mix of the sensible American design with the luxury European style that makes the car look far more expensive than it actually is.

10.) Dodge Dart
For under $25,000 you can be riding in a luxury car with the Dodge Dart. The interior screams upscale class and the exterior signifies luxury and style. For a truly affordable quality car the Dodge Dart will definitely stand out.