Top 10 Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars have become more and more popular over the past few years. The biggest selling point for hybrids, is the unbelievable fuel economy and the cheaper car tax. Not to mention the environmental impact they have too. By using a combination of electric battery powered engine and a standard internal combustion engine, burning petrol or diesel, you get the fuel efficiency without losing any of the speed or power. There are so many reasons to choose a hybrid car, and so many models to choose from. So which one is best? This short list of the ten best hybrid cars would help you make your choice.

1.) BMW I3 Range Extender – This model is available as fully electric or as a range extender, meaning that if you run out of energy it can be filled up with petrol. This leaves behind any fear of being stranded with no plug. Though if you live in an urban area, it’s electric range should cover you. The all electric drive is quiet and comfortable, allowing you to enjoy the luxurious interior of the car. The range extender adds extra weight and price to this small car though.

2.) Lexus IS 300h – Lexus brings efficiency to the executive class with this model. It boasts a length list of add ons, while the engine runs smoothly and quietly. It’s a beautiful car with the only faults being the slightly messy dashboard design.

3.) Mercedes C300 Hybrid – This C-class is still one of the best, but it has its downfalls. Inside it is more of a miniature S-class, and though the ambient interior is sufficient, the diesel engine kicks in too much to really enjoy it. This suits best for a company car.

4.) Lexus RX 450h – Lexus were one of the first on the market with their hybrid cars and so have become a familiar sight. The RX 450h is a stunning vehicle aesthetically with a panoramic windscreen and LED lights as standard. The claims on fuel efficiency fall shorter than you might imagine. The CO2 emissions make it one of the cleanest 4X4s on sale and one of the cheapest as a company car however.

5.) Toyota Prius – The Prius is the best selling hybrid in the world and there is a reason for that. The part electric part fuel engine works seamlessly together and can also be plugged into the mains of your house to be charged. Unlike some hybrids that have to make room for their electric motors, the Prius has sufficient boot space that can be extended with the folding seats. Standard kit for this model includes electric windows, key less-go, and air-con.

6.) Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – The Outlander is impressively quiet, whether you are in full electric mode or combining the two engines. The petrol engine is used mostly to generate electricity for the electric one, and can make some noise on starting up, but not much more than that. The position of the battery leads to a lower center or gravity though. This means that while it handles fine, the weight can really be felt and poor surfaces don’t feel too good.

7.) Porsche Panorama E-Hybrid – While you can’t strictly call this can economical car, if you are in it for the 4-door coupe, it does diminish the environmental and economical cost greatly. Though its expensive to buy and lease, it goes for much longer on electric alone and can save you on fuel costs in the long run.

8.) Mercedes S300 Hybrid – If running costs are key for your decision making, then the S300 Blue Tec Hybrid may be your best option. With a smaller caacity diesel engine and hybrid motor, it is as refined and accomplished as any of its 6, 8, or even 12 cylinder mates.

9.) Toyota Yaris Hybrid – Again another efficient Toyota hybrid. Unfortunately the CVT fitted gearbox as standard is a bit of a turn off as it makes any progress seem more tiresome than it actually is. There’s plenty of boot space though and the handling is perfect for city living.

10.) Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid – For companies or private owners that can afford to lease or buy the Cayenne, it makes a lot of sense to do so. Apart from the badge appeal, it is comfortable to drive and exquisitely built. But if you’re buying just for the Porsche experience, then you might need to look further into the range.