1jumpFri 3rd Apr 2015

  Drill Dozer to finally get an Euro release?!?!?!



  2ZanderShepherdFri 3rd Apr 2015

  I have Bayou Billy on my NES. Trust me, it’s not that good of a game. It’s sluggish and the enemies are way too strong. If you want a good beat-em-up, get Double Dragon. It’s way better.



  3kkslider5552000Fri 3rd Apr 2015

  ”GBA hit”. Yes, that game almost no one played sure was a hit! :/

  I hope more people buy it this time. Drill Dozer is great.



  4MeWarioFri 3rd Apr 2015

  @kkslider5552000 It was a critical hit though.



  5TheMongrelCatFri 3rd Apr 2015

  Oh man. I remember the first time my best mate and I watched the Bayou Billy intro all the way through and heard the crudely synthesised voice actually say “THE ADVENTURES OF BAYOU BILLY!” We were both beside ourselves. “Holy ****, did you just heat that? It talks!!!”



  6faintFri 3rd Apr 2015

  woot hope it comes to na



  7SouldinFri 3rd Apr 2015

  Please oh please, let this game have an EU virtual console release. I was really excited for this game back in the day, heck, it was the first time I had ever heard of Game Freak making a non-Pokémon game. Sadly it never came to the EU on GBA, so I really do hope that I’ll be able to play it this time.



  8TromaDoggFri 3rd Apr 2015

  Drill Dozer’s a fantastic game. .but Bayou Billy is one of the most annoying and frustrating NES games out there. (I do have an original cart and have managed to complete it though. )



  9Angelic_Lapras_KingFri 3rd Apr 2015


  Drill Dozer is the best GBA platformer not called Mario. And especially since Europe missed out on this one, I urge you all to download it!

  Really hope they emulate the Rumble as well.



  10vitalemrecordsFri 3rd Apr 2015

  @Poketendo that is an understatement – Bayou Billie is one of the worst games ever made (not counting RCMADIAX and Ninja Pig)



  11MadAdam81Fri 3rd Apr 2015

  @Souldin If it’s getting an AU release it will probably also get an EU release – there is not many things that EU get late or miss out if AU gets it. It has happened, but it’s very rare from memory.



  12khululyFri 3rd Apr 2015

  Ah Nayou Billy the game that is unfairly hard has cheap enemies but still holds a place in our hearts… it’s kinda like the Crocodile Dundee movies I guess…well the first two atleast.

  If only could get the TMNT games on the virtual console i’d buy the crap out of the 2nd two.



  13Barely_AbleFri 3rd Apr 2015

  Ales you wonder how long it will take to release with the new N64 and DS planned releases. Nintendo does seem to like one, maybe two, VC games a week is all. And let’s not forget the games missing between regions that still need to be released.



  14Silly_GFri 3rd Apr 2015

  @Souldin : If it’s coming out in Australia, then it’s definitely coming out in Europe.

  Australia misses out on a LOT of eShop games (I’d estimate more than 50% of all 3DS Download software and DSiWare; though we tend to get most of the VC games), but Europe hasn’t missed out on anything that Australia has already. The only such example I can think of is the whole Scribblenauts fiasco in Europe. With that being the sole exception I can think of (at present), there is no 3DS or Wii U content that is exclusive to Australia.



  15antipop621Fri 3rd Apr 2015

  This game is quite clever, but I could never beat it on account of being stuck on a really annoying boss.



  16AndyCarolanFri 3rd Apr 2015

  Drill Dozer is an amazing game but as it came late in the GBA’s lifespan, so many people missed out on it. I regularly play my copy on my SP, but it would be great to have it on WiiU VC too!


  Agreed, the rumble needs to be there as its an integral part of the experience.



  17Angelic_Lapras_KingFri 3rd Apr 2015

  @Barely_Able Probably not that long. Remember, there are only nearly 400 N64 games and when you take out licensed games and publishers either not around anymore or do not support the VC, it’s much less (The Wii had a grand total of 20 N64 games in its lifetime) so those will be spread out a bit. As for DS, yeah there are hundred more but I’m sure 3rd parties are in the considering and preparation stage as to what DS games they’ll bring to the VC (Not to mention we have zero word on if any 3rd Party Wii games will arrive on the eShop.)

  And heck, since Konami have been a keen VC supporter and even brought over the PC Engine to Japanese VC, I really REALLY hope they bring the Turbografx to the VC sooner rather then later…..



  18YasumeFri 3rd Apr 2015

  Why’s there a 3DS tag



  19Retro_on_theGoFri 3rd Apr 2015

  I still have my cart. Hope more people buy it now, it’s a really cute little game. The VC is getting some games lately with this and Medabots.



  20ChaozFri 3rd Apr 2015

  I remember when I first played Brawl and thought Jill was from Ice Climbers for some reason. I’ll be sure to pick this when it comes to the Virtual Console.



  21QuorthonFri 3rd Apr 2015

  I wonder if the rumble feature will make it over… I’ve been curious about this one for a while. Missed it on the GBA.



  22SnuggleMonFri 3rd Apr 2015

  @Poketendo That is because you never played the japanese version. They made the US and EU version more difficult because the though it would be too easy for us.

  @vitalemrecords The worst game was, is and still is Sonic Labyrinth on GameGear. There is no game worse than this one. Bayou Billy is maybe cheesy, but not bad. I would buy a VC version or even the original game if I had the luck.

  @Yasume The mentioned the 3DS Shop.



  23VinnieMiiFri 3rd Apr 2015

  Drill Dozer is pretty cool. Found a used cart for my GBA a couple of years ago. Nice little old school platformer.



  24ShamboFri 3rd Apr 2015

  Drill Dozer was great. Have it imported. Still, Wario Ware Twisted NEEDS to be made on the VC, for any or both WiiU / 3DS. The best game on any handheld, ever, imo, and it never came to Europe.



  25MeloManFri 3rd Apr 2015

  Hah! Bayou Billy. I remember that game being like 2 or 3 games in one and hard. I wonder if retooled for the wiimote if it would be better? Not that that will happen, but eh, nothing like another ol’ skool VC game. Oh, and just fun, enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERsrcKzwxbw



  26HenmiiSat 4th Apr 2015

  Good news!



  27UberchuMon 6th Apr 2015

  Despite the fact that I hate Wii U GBA VC I might have to buy it just because it’s Game Freak.

  I bought pokemon pinball on wii U VC coz its pokemon pinball. Own GBA cart and love that game too much.


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