Call of Duty’s Cold War has currently been on a rise because of the number of new updates that have been added to the game. The recent update of the new map, Firebase Z has been the talk of the town since it was released. The players have really been curious about these new changes made to the game and are asking questions like how to build Rai K 84. To help you guys out, we have managed to gather as much information as possible about the same. Read more to know about Cold War Firebase Z wonder weapon.

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  The players can get Rai K 84 in two ways in the new Firebase Z map. The easiest and the simplest way is to buy the gun with a total of 950 points. Sometimes the players are not lucky enough to get this gun in the mystery box. Rai K 84 is considered to be one of the rarest weapons in the game, so do not expect to find this gun so easily. But if you are not able to get the gun by this method, then don’t worry. You can also go and buy the blueprint of the gun from the Weapons Lab that can be found on the Firebase Z map. To create the Rai K 84 energy rifle, the players will need to find a couple of components to build it. To help you guys, we have listed all the components needed to build this gun. We have also attached a video uploaded by a popular gamer on the same topic.

  Kuhlklay’s eye

  Kuhlklay’s Diary

  Barrel Assembly

  Uncharged Power Cell

  The Standard Edition of the game costs £59.99 meanwhile the Cross-gen bundle is £64.99. Apart from this, the cold war download size is going to be somewhere around 95GB and 133GB for PS4 and PS5 respectively. 93GB and 136GB is the total size of the cold war for Xbox One and Xbox Series X users respectively. The makers of Call Of Duty had released a trailer for COD Cold War on their youtube page. It is called “know Your History” and is a small teaser for their upcoming Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War.

  The makers have certainly gone for bringing in some real incidents from the Cold War into the game. The trailer also says that it has been inspired by true events. The teaser does not show much about the gameplay or graphics fo the game but gives a brief idea about the game’s plot. The players may or may not be involved with an alleged Soviet spy codenamed “Perseus”. This was flashed during the video and it could be an essential piece of information about the game.

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