COD Mobile is one of the most famous first-person shooter games on a mobile platform. Like in all the multiplayer battle-royale games, there are COD Mobile redeem codes as well. Players can use these redeem codes to unlock new items such as outfits and weapon skins. Keep reading the article to know more about how to redeem codes in Call of Duty Mobile and other COD Mobile skins.?

  The publishers keep bringing exciting?features and items such as characters, weapons, COD Mobile?skins, and outfits in the game. One of the most advanced mobile games out there, Call of Duty offers a lot of redeem codes that might float through social media platforms or other community channels. Usually one needs to spend in-game coins to buy such items, which themselves are bought from real money. However, players can acquire the skins and characters using redeem codes as well.

  Follow the steps given below to redeem codes in Call of Duty Mobile:

  Go to the official Call of Duty redemption website –

  Copy the COD mobile user ID (displayed in the form of a number in the profile section in-game)

  Paste the mobile user ID at the dialogue box on the redemption website?

  Paste the redeem code beneath the User ID box

  Enter the captcha code which shows alongside carefully?

  Click on Submit button

  The process is complete, check the in-game mailbox to receive and claim and the reward

  If the website shows that process was unsuccessful, it means that the redeem code was either region locked or it expired. The COD Mobile redeem codes can unlock various COD Mobile skins, outfits, weapon finishes, and characters. They might be region or time-specific, so one has to keep a keen eye on COD’s social media handles. The COD Mobile redeem codes are a feature that is added to the platform recently and allows players to obtain special in-game items, which are otherwise expensive or exclusive. Call of Duty Mobile had over 128 million monthly active users in the last month of 2020.

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