The best defense is a good offense in The Evil Within 2. Head to these locations, and grab yourself some powerful weapons.

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  The Evil Within 2 is one of the most similar games to the?Resident Evil, but it quickly sets itself apart?with its?different premise and more horrific enemies. Most of the creepy-crawlies in?The Evil Within?games are products of demented and twisted minds, as opposed to zombies or supernatural demi-humans.

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  As such,?The Evil Within 2’s arsenal tends to be more varied. There are many weapons to choose from, and most of them provide insurance or sanctuary from the mind-monstrosities of the horror game. To save themselves the nerve-wracking trouble of getting chased by the game’s grotesque enemies while searching for these weapons, players can take a shortcut by knowing where to acquire them.


  tew2 assault rifle model

  No other weapon is more comfortable to use against multiple enemies from a distance or during boss fights. The Assault Rifle provides a constant stream of damage at a hefty ammunition cost.

  It’s also?a simple weapon to acquire. In order to get it, players near the end of Chapter 13, specifically in The Marrow: Facilities.


  Looking to save on ammunition? Nothing can beat good old fists. They’re by far the boldest way to deal with the game’s surreal enemies. The damage is decent enough, but the catch is that players will have to put themselves in harm’s way using this weapon. Still, it’s a nice change of playstyle.


  Players can only unlock this weapon after beating the game on Nightmare difficulty or higher. After that, they can go for another round and beat the game’s monsters in a hands-on?manner.

  double barreled shotgun in tew2 as a model

  One of the most sought-after staples of horror games at this point, the Double-Barreled Shotgun packs quite a punch. It’s deadly at close range and can double its firepower by firing off both barrels at the same time. The caveat is the low ammunition counter and the long reload time.

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  Getting this weapon requires several steps:

  Complete the Getting Back Online side quest in Chapter 7, the one for Julian Sykes.Complete The Last Step side quest, also given by Julian Sykes.Grab the shotgun which will now be available in?The Marrow: Experimental Wing.


  flamethrower boss in tew2

  The Flamethrower puts the “fire” in firepower, and is an awesome weapon for dealing with multiple close-range enemies. It’s also just a good weapon in general.

  Players will have to work hard with this weapon as it has several parts:

  The main part is in The Marrow: Restricted Labs.Two tanks, obtainable from killing Harbingers?the Business District.

  full barreled shotgun from tew2

  The Full-Barreled Shotgun is a weapon that’s more comfortable to use than the Double-Barreled as it has a lower skill ceiling. The range also lets players afford mistakes while enemies are closing in on them.

  It has lower damage compared to its shorter cousin, but still an awesome weapon. Players can find this one sitting in a storage shed in?Post Plus in Chapter 7. The weapon comes in its own case, and will likely carry players until they find more powerful shotguns.


  tew2 hand axe model

  As far as melee combat goes without the Brass Knuckles, the Hand Axe is a better option than the Knife, damage-wise. Economically, players will have to budget their Hand Axe supply, as it’s a finite weapon.

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  Thankfully, these appear frequently enough to let players use it with reckless abandon. Hand Axes are all over the place and turn up often in exploration runs. If not, plenty of enemy types can also drop them.

  tew 2 laser sighter handgun model UI

  It’s not a horror game featuring a law enforcer if it doesn’t have the ol’ reliable, the handgun.?The Evil Within 2 does right by this weapon by including a better and more precise version of it, complete with a laser sight.


  It has about the same damage output as the regular handgun, except it’s incredibly helpful for saving bullets due to its accuracy. Those looking to conserve handgun bullets through accuracy will need to look for this weapon in?Chapter 3. It’s in the parking area of the Union Auto Repair, hidden in plain sight.

  magnum from tew2

  Think of the Magnum as a luxury weapon. In order to obtain it, players will first have to finish the game on any difficulty level. After that, they’ll be rewarded with this hand cannon.

  It packs quite a punch and is more accurate than a shotgun, but more powerful than a pistol/handgun. For most enemies, one shot to the head or a couple to the body is enough. Larger enemies typically fall to a whole cylinder.


  tew2 revolver mod

  The Revolver is a good alternative if players don’t want to complete the game to acquire a weapon that functions off of a cylindrical chamber. It’s not as powerful as the Magnum, but definitely more accessible.

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  Players only need to progress regularly in the game, completing Anima events until they reach Chapter 11 where they’ll run into the third Anima event. Once the this?event is done, players will be transported to The Marrow, where they’ll receive the Revolver.

  tew2 sawed off shotgun model

  This weapon is a good tool to have if players find the regular?shotgun variant a bit rare. It has a shorter range, as expected, but still takes down enemies who are foolish enough to get close — meaning most of them in the game.


  The Sawed-Off Shotgun is more available than the regular version and can be found in several locations, namely:

  Tredwell TruckingThe Marrow: ArmoryThe Marrow: Facilities

  o neal with a semi auto handgun

  For the standard go-to weapon of any desperate players in?The Evil Within 2, and even in the previous game, nothing can beat the Semi-Automatic Handgun’s reliability. Most people will keep it as a reserve though, as taking down enemies with it can be costly to ammunition.

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  The weapon also can’t be missed, as it’s automatically given to all players during a cutscene at the end of Chapter 2. It’s a good weapon to have as a backup until players get the better laser-sighter variant.


  tew2 silenced handgun

  Stealthily creeping to avoid ghosts ladies or Anima are some of the most tense moments in the game, and also a sound tactic to avoid the lesser enemies that can soak up ammunition or drain health gradually. The Silenced Handgun makes for a perfect companion in such endeavors.

  It’s quiet,?making it ideal for taking down lone enemies without bringing attention to the player’s immediate area. The damage is low though, so players have to make every shot count. Players?must complete the Getting Back Online side quest in Chapter 7?from Julian Sykes in order to get this weapon.

  tew2 sniper rifle parts

  Like the Flamethrower, players will have to work hard in making the Sniper Rifle function as intended. It’s a lovely weapon for staying safe and taking out weak enemies to thin their herd, or dealing precise shots against bosses.


  In order to assemble this weapon, players have to check several locations and collect the parts first. The locations are:

  The broken weapon can be found on the roof?opposite O’Neal’s Safe House. Investigate the radios of one of the Mobius Soldier’s corpses in the said roof.The last part is in the shed near Union Auto Repair. This can be grabbed as early as Chapter 3, but it’s risky.Players can still get it in a working state in the laters Chapters, namely 11 and beyond.

  tew2 crossbow static bolts

  One of the main weapons the players will be relying on in the course of the game, apart from the handgun, is the Warden Crossbow. It’s a versatile bow that can fire different types of bolts.


  Each kind of ammunition has a specialized purpose, and can be used for dealing with mobs of enemies or against bosses’ weak spots. To get this weapon, players have to be in the Chapter 3 or 4 open world in the southwest corner near the APC.

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