Well, here we are with yet another edition of Screenshot Saturday! Still working with “anything goes” rules for the time being, and still trying to fend off the insanity that comes from everything else in life right now, on top of the insanity provided by this job. But I kid, as a ton of developers, publishers, and more work hard at giving us little peeks into their latest gaming projects, and it’s our pleasure to highlight them. And as such, let’s dive right in and see what popped up this week…


  Eastward- Well, I do indeed fully support the hype train for this drop-dead gorgeous action-adventure game, but considering that it takes place in a somewhat post-apocalyptic world, I do kind of raise an eyebrow towards there being an actual train in the game’s world that works perfectly. I mean, I guess humanity would still be concerned with infrastructure and being able to connect with other survivors and whatnot, but you just never see working public transit in these fictional scenarios.


  Witchbrook- However, the big Chucklefish-related news to appear this week, and one notable enough to get them mentioned twice here, is that their magical school/town life simulator is receiving a rather hefty makeover. The jump has been made to an isometric view with even more detailed pixel art, and just from the look of this cozy scene alone alongside the other two shots in the thread, I’d say it’s a change that’ll definitely pay off.


  Rawmen- So the first thought that springs to mind is how the guys who do papercraft for the Arby’s Twitter account might have a possible field day when this soup-slinging multiplayer combat game launches. The tie-in here writes itself. The second thought, though, is about how being able to barrel around in a giant meatball in order to score points just looks so much damn fun, thus further increasing my anticipation.

  Punished for their unwavering faith.#screenshotsaturday #pixelart #lowpoly #gamedev #indiedev #unity3D #madewithunity #zealot #gaming pic.twitter.com/dhSqW7ZgJz

  — Zealot (@ZealotGame) April 4, 2020

  Zealot- Well, this is a wee bit of an unsettling sight. A sight with a ton of hard work and detail put into it, but unsettling nonetheless. Then again, given the number of eerie sacrifices and deaths I’ve seen in horror games where religion is in play, I suppose this is actually expected on some level.

  My very first entry into #screenshotsaturday is this shot from our recently announced rogue-like crafting, survival adventure game #windbound with procedurally generated islands to sail between and explore! Made in #unity3d #bravethestorm #windboundgame #Unity pic.twitter.com/B3vi0trqFM

  — Brent Waller (@BrentOnInternet) April 4, 2020

  Windbound- Sailing isn’t exactly a new idea for a video game’s main mechanic. After all, I’m betting a good chunk of you either saw this shot or more of the game in general and immediately began comparisons to Wind Waker. But the impressive visuals, island-hopping mixed with survival mechanics, and impressive fantasy world certainly help this game stand out.


  MisBits- Currently available in Early Access, this multiplayer game where you play as severed heads stealing the bodies of various toys to fight with has made the jump to free-to-play, and certainly seems to be doing more than fine. This is evidenced by the fact that this tweet is now outdated, as the community has apparently snatched several thousand bodies in under a day. A ton of people just want colorful action like this, and I can’t blame them.

  Wanted to share some of our UI for #BuildingsHaveFeelingsToo. Moving a factory chimney that negatively effects the neighbourhood.#ScreenshotSaturday #gamedev #madewithunity #unity3d pic.twitter.com/UAOOWZb613

  — BuildingsHaveFeelingsToo (@BuildingsToo) April 4, 2020

  Buildings Have Feelings Too- Well, if buildings can walk and talk, I can definitely see how a factory chimney would be ostracized. After all, it can’t help itself if people whip up some nasty stuff inside of it that leads to smoke and pollutants later. Still, at least it can take comfort knowing that it’s a key player in a unique and fun-looking simulation game.

  Why walk when you can jump over a wall and make such an epic entry?#screenshotsaturday #indiedev pic.twitter.com/eRTlkJ9dgd

  — The Last Spell (@deadingames) April 4, 2020

  The Last Spell- Anyone would likely tell you that intimidation is a key factor when engaging nt battle against someone, and it’s because of this that one may choose to ignore the opening right next to them and choose to leap over a wall instead. It looks awesome, especially when combined with the pixel art, a certainly adds a killer move to this strategy game.


  Pendragon- Well, after scoring an IGF Award for Excellence in Narrative thanks to Heaven’s Vault, a lot of eyes are on Inkle and their newly-announced strategy game inspired by Arthurian lore. The initial trailer doesn’t say to much, but expect an intriguing story that can be sculpted along the way in your journey to take down the evil Mordred.


  Agent-00- A unique isometric game about espionage where you can rotate rooms suggests that you’ll be playing with a way to craft clever infiltrations. But it looks like if things go wrong, you’re also going to need the same ability as a way to beat a hasty retreat…

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