After Mario Golf: Super Rush failed to impress, a new Mario Strikers would be the perfect franchise to revitalize the Mario Sports franchise.

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  With?Mario Golf: Super Rush?releasing to mixed reviews from critics, the Nintendo mascot’s?sports games need something to freshen things up. Luckily, Nintendo doesn’t need to look too far for inspiration, because?it has?the perfect series already that is greatly overdue a follow up:?Mario Strikers.

  Super Mario Strikers?was released for the GameCube in 2005, pitting the all-star cast of the Mario series into matches of five-a-side soccer.?Its follow up,?Mario Strikers Charged, came to the Wii in 2007 and expanded on it’s predecessor’s winning formula to create a truly memorable entry in Mario Sports franchise. Not only would the explosive action of a new?Mario Strikers breath life into Nintendo’s catalogue and sports games genre as a whole, but the foundations for such a sequel could already be in place.


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  Both?Super Mario Strikers?and?Mario Strikers Charged were developed by Vancouver-based Next Level Games. Since then, Next Level has developed a number of successful titles for Nintendo, including 2009’s?Punch-Out!!?for Wii and a pair of acclaimed?Luigi’s Mansion games, and earlier this year,?Nintendo acquired the Canadian studio. Given the studio’s history, it stands to reason that?it could be hard at work on?a new title starring characters?from the Mushroom Kingdom. Recent Mario Sports titles have released based on golf and tennis, so a third Mario Strikers would be a perfect way to?shake-up Nintendo’s line-up.



  Recent Nintendo?sports games have focused on injecting sports with bombastic, high-octane action.?Super Rush?looked to spice up the typically slow sport with the additions of Speed Golf and Battle Golf modes. Similarly, Camelot’s 2018 release?Mario Tennis Aces?featured more action-focused gameplay.?Mario Strikers is a golden opportunity to?add more?explosive action to its sports titles. With fast-paced soccer gameplay that would make most Premier League managers blush and game-changing Skillshots that lit up the grass fields,?Mario Strikers was always an absolute blast — even when playing simple exhibition matches against the computer.


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  Furthermore, the soccer genre is desperate for?a shake-up.?Aside from the odd challenger like Ubisoft’s?Pure Football in 2010,?gamers have had to settle for choosing between the annualized?FIFA?or?Pro Evolution Soccer titles. With both of them focusing on simulation-based presentation, and despite FIFA’s recent foray into futsal with the Volta mode,?there is little variety for players looking for a fun soccer fix.

  This is where a new?Mario Strikers would slot in nicely. Nintendo could easily tap into the section of gamers tired of the like-for-like recreation of professional soccer, as well as?fans?looking for something a little different. Plus, with the accessible nature of Mario and his instantly recognizable friends,?a third Mario Strikers?has a much broader potential audience.


  With that in mind, a new?Mario Strikers could be exactly what Nintendo needs to?add another smash hit to the Switch’s catalogue. With?the Mario?Sports games needing some rejuvenation and a stagnated selection of soccer titles in the wider gaming sphere, Mario Strikers could make some much-needed waves.?Whether the?series is placed in the hands of?Next Level Games once more or not, the time for another dive into frantic five-on-five soccer?fun with Nintendo’s favorite son at the center is now.

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