Faug team deathmatch: Download now, nCore Games released FAUG: Multiplayer Early AccessFaug team deathmatch: Download now, nCore Games released FAUG: Multiplayer Early Access

  nCore Games released Team Deathmatch Mode with FAUG: Multiplayer: Early Access, Download now from Here. FAU-G, the make-in India mobile title developed by nCore Games has started rolling out Team Death Match mode today. After six months of its release, the game is introducing multiplayer mode, making it interesting for a lot of regular gamers. FAU-G’s brand ambassador, Akshay Kumar himself made the announcement via Twitter.

  Prior to this, FAU-G only featured campaign mode, which was promoted well to set a good premise & theme for the game but failed to offer any experience that is worth coming back for. Now, with the addition of TDM mode, we are likely to see noticeable improvements in the game.


  Bullets will fly when #FAUG face their dushman in deadly team battles!

  Join the beta release of FAUG’s Team DeathMatch mode. Limited slots only!

  Download now https://t.co/0K4tKAolsd@BharatKeVeer @vishalgondal @nCore_games #LargestVaccineDrive #MaskUp pic.twitter.com/cWdPOBo7Lh

  — Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) June 27, 2021

  It is to be noted that the TDM mode is released as a separate game named FAU-G: Multiplayer. There’s a download size of 292MB for android in the Google Play store. Moreover, this is a beta version of the game & only players who’ll be able to register for it will get the Early Access of FAU-G: Multiplayer. You can pre-register for the game on the Google Play store via this link:

  FAU-G: Multiplayer Pre-registration Link (FAUG Download) –https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ncoregames.faugmp

  The Team Deathmatch Mode of FAUG: Multiplayer will feature a 5v5 format. In any typical Team Deathmatch, the primary objective is securing the maximum number of kills by defeating opponents & reach the total kill limit before the enemy team.

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  As of now, the game features only one map titled Bazaar. The Indian-themed map is set in a fictional city of Rajasthan named Udayghat. The Bazaar map is quite large & you need to spend a significant amount of time in matches in locating your opponents. Furthermore, there’s no option to change the control layout & the layout itself also feels a little buggy. Players who prefer three-finger or claw control might find it difficult to adapt to FAU-G’s layout.

  Bazaar Map: FAUG Multiplayer BetaBazaar Map: FAUG Multiplayer Beta

  For more information regarding the game check out the video below with actual FAU-G: Multiplayer Early Access Footage.

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