Game Freak, the world-renowned creator of the Pokémon?franchise, has been cooking up another treat for gamers: there’s a new version of Giga Wrecker, the studio’s incredibly creative action-adventure 2D puzzle title (that originally lived on Steam), heading to consoles later this year.

  Going by the title Giga Wrecker Alt., this new version of the Metroidvania-inspired game will be released by Game Freak and Rising Star Games for download on Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch on in 2019. There will also be a physical release, handled by Limited Run Games.

  Giga Wrecker Alt. promises to be a significantly beefed up incarnation of the original game, complete with 20 additional puzzle stages in the campaign, a new companion character, and an uber-challenging “Ironman” mode where five times the damage is dished out. There will also be an overhaul of the original localization, which aims to enhance the user experience.

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  The visual style of the game looks as manic and entrancing as ever, as you can see above in the official trailer for Giga Wrecker Alt.‘s impending console release. The game also promises an entrancing audio experience, with composer Shinji Hosoe (Ridge Racer, Tekken) contributing to the music.

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