1ElvieSat 23rd May 2020

  Pac-Man World for Switch anyone?



  2ElvieSat 23rd May 2020

  I’ve been on a Pac-Man binge lately for reasons unrelated to this anniversary and after playing for days, I came to appreciate the innovations it brought to the industry.

  Cutscenes, combos, and power-ups all introduced, or at least popularized, in one game.

  @h15c0r3r I’ve been playing the Famicom version on Wii U recently.

  The thing that intrigues me the most is all the weird, little things you can find.



  3JugaSat 23rd May 2020

  Pac-Man Adventures in Time was and is the best game in the series. I love Pac-Land, too.

  How is it Namco Museum on Switch has no Ms. Pac-Man?



  4nessisonettSat 23rd May 2020

  Hohoho 40 years old and still the same curvy yellow b*stard. Look at those curves, that shine, how sexy can one sprite be? Doesn’t look a day over 35 and I’d sure dump some quarters in his coin-slot



  5Tandy255Sat 23rd May 2020

  I hope they release a Museum 2 or DLC.

  Even at full price, this is a better deal than individual Arcade Archive prices.



  6TheWingedAvengerSat 23rd May 2020

  Namco stupidly confuses people by having two versions of Namco Museum on the e-shop at two different prices.



  7AmplifyMJSat 23rd May 2020

  @h15c0r3r me too! Was your cabinet in Davy Ross’ Star Bar too?! Lol sorry you’ve just brought back a very old memory for me lol.



  8TheWingedAvengerSat 23rd May 2020

  There are 13 good Pac-Man games:

  Pac-Man (Arcade, Switch, GBA, NES)

  Ms Pac-Man (Arcade)

  Pac-Man Arrangement (Arcade, GBA)

  Ms Pac-Man Maze Madness (N64, PS1)

  Pac-Man World (PS1)

  Pac-Man World 2 (Game Cube)

  Pac-Man World 3 (Game Cube, PSP)

  Pac-Man World Rally (Game Cube, PSP)

  Pac-Man & The Ghostly Adventures (3DS)

  Pac-Man & The Ghostly Adventures 2 (3DS)

  Pac ‘n Roll (DS)

  Pac-Man Championship Edition (PSP)

  Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 (Switch)



  9WesEdsSat 23rd May 2020

  Slightly off topic but I’ve noticed that games on eshop Go on sale quite often (going off the amount they’re advertised on here) I was wondering. Do first party Nintendo games ever drop on there? As I’m considering going All digital



  10TheWingedAvengerSat 23rd May 2020


  Namco is run by a bunch of tight-fisted fools. They probably thought they could later sell us a second volume containing Ms Pac-Man, Galaxian and others. Then they saw that no one was buying volume one and now they probably don’t know what to do. I wanted a Namco Museum on Switch, but I didn’t buy this one because of its glaring omissions. It’s frustrating to me, because Ms Pac-Man is better than Pac-Man and Galaxian is better than Galaga and Galaga 1988. All the games I’ve mentioned here were included on the PSP Namco Museum, so Namco is just imposing a Switch tax on people. I’m not paying that tax.



  11ukaskewSat 23rd May 2020

  @WesEds rarely, and typically only as part of a major seasonal sale or event. 33% off is about a big a discount as you’ll see for a major first party game.

  I sold all my physical games and managed to convert to all digital with almost no financial penalty, but it did take a while to wait for some games to be discounted and a couple required the game vouchers to manage it (Zelda BoTW and Smash Bros is a great combo with the vouchers).



  12MagonigalSat 23rd May 2020


  Hi. Nintendo games do drop prices occasionally by about 30% so down to around £33 I think but not sure on other currencies



  13brunojensoSat 23rd May 2020

  @nessisonett First person I’ve heard make Pac-Man sound like it’s NSFW



  14KoopaTheGamerSat 23rd May 2020

  Pac-Man Championship Editions are my favourite games from Namco in recent years. Here’s hoping that Pac-Man stays relevant for the next 40 years too!



  15Deanster101Sat 23rd May 2020

  PMCE2P is brilliant highly recommend it for score chasers, a lesson on how to modify and adapt classic arcade title.



  16alexybubbleSat 23rd May 2020

  @TheWingedAvenger @Juga Ms. Pac man is missing because of legal issues. Mrs. Pac man is an officially licensed reskin of the clone game Crazy Otto (I think that’s the one, I’m not entirely sure). Namco had the rights without a hitch for many years, until Atgames made an unlicensed, yet commercially sold Ms. Pac-Man mini cabinet, which caused the original creators of Crazy Otto, who still technically held the rights, to be more hesitent with Namco, causing the lack of Ms. Pac-Man in the Namco Museum for Switch.



  17AtlanteanManSat 23rd May 2020

  I’ve been waiting for a proper Namco compilation on modern consoles since Museum 50th Anniversary on PS2/XBox/GameCube and Museum Remix on XBox 360. It’s been ages since any such collection they’ve released has included genuine classics like Pole Position, Xevious, or even Ms. Pac-Man. I’m sitting out the one currently on Switch because if we don’t vote with our wallets and let companies know how important specific things are to us, they’ll continue to churn out lesser efforts while expecting gamers to just keep buying what they’re given.



  18CooperFrankSat 23rd May 2020


  Pac-Man World and Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness were also ported on GBA. Obviously, the PS1 versions still are the best way to experience them.



  19Ttim3rSat 23rd May 2020


  Pac-Man World 2 and Ms Pac-Man 64 were my jam! I would totally buy those games again, really fun games. I played them again a few years ago and they were still pretty fun.



  20TheFatPlumberSat 23rd May 2020

  Was only a couple of weeks ago Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 was given away for free on all other formats. Switch owners didn’t get a look in.



  21TheWingedAvengerSat 23rd May 2020


  Your theory about Ms Pac-Man doesn’t hold water. Why isn’t Galaxian on the Switch Namco Museum? The PSP version had twice the games. It even had the excellent Bosconian and Rally-X. The Switch version is a half collection which was supposed to have a volume 2 including the obvious classics that were held back from volume one. They’re just trying to milk Switch fans as much as they can. It backfired, though, because the collection is always 50% off. Even at that price, it isn’t worth it.



  22TheWingedAvengerSat 23rd May 2020


  I agree. Pac-Man World and Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness are beautiful on the PS1. I was never a fan of the GBA’s graphics, which seemed sloppy to me.



  23KayFiOSSat 23rd May 2020

  @TheWingedAvenger PAC ‘N ROLL says hi, both the DS original and the Wii version of NAMCOMUSEUM, which let you play the levels with motion controls and in higher resolution.



  24Roam85Sat 23rd May 2020

  @TheWingedAvenger pac Man Vs. was tight



  25sleepinglionSat 23rd May 2020

  It’s a shame Championship Edition 1 DX wasn’t ported to Switch. Totally superior to its sequel



  26ShiryuSat 23rd May 2020

  Bamco: Please re-release Namco Classic Collection Volume 1 & 2 on the Switch.

  Perfect for TATE, perfect for Flip Grip. Do it. DO IT!



  27GamerDad66Sat 23rd May 2020

  My favorite game of recent years is Pacman 256.

  It’s an absolute blast in multiplayer.



  28MarxallySat 23rd May 2020

  Even tho I already had PCE2 from a previous sale, I found the Museum Pac for 15 bucks at my local store. Looking forward to revisiting Dig-Dug and classic Pac-Man.



  29EelSat 23rd May 2020

  @sleepinglion isn’t it part of the retail release of Namco museum?

  Edit: wait no, it’s 2 Plus



  30TheWingedAvengerSat 23rd May 2020


  I missed Pac n Roll, and from the CGRUndertow review I just watched, it seems great. I’ll go ahead and add this to the list.



  31Sszx09Sat 23rd May 2020

  Would have been a good moment to release the original Pac-Man CE on Switch, really got quite addicted to setting new high scores on that 1. I played 2 only a little bit but it didn’t click with me that same way.



  32TheWingedAvengerSat 23rd May 2020


  Pac-Man Vs is a good game, but you need a second player and I don’t know anyone who likes classic games.



  33TasukiSat 23rd May 2020

  Well now we know why Switch didn’t get Pac-Man Championship 2 for free a few weeks ago.



  34AppSat 23rd May 2020

  Random Fact: Rubbing your finger inside your ear makes the PAC-MAN sound.



  35ElvieSun 24th May 2020

  @AtlanteanMan I bought the Namco Museum Arcade Pac on eBay for Pacman C.E. 2 Plus and even though it I haven’t played this version in a while, the DS version blows it out of the water.

  It had an awesome intro, tons of arcade flyer and artwork scans, and tips and maps to help you on each game.

  This version on Switch has none of that and it’s almost just a menu screen to play old Namco games. Pacman C.E. 2 Plus is all it has going for it.

  @TheWingedAvenger Yes, Bandai Namco has been slacking on their efforts for Namco Museum when it comes to classics like Bosconian but the lack of Ms. Pac-Man isn’t a theory.

  B.N. does own the rights to her but they had to pay expensive royalties whenever she got used so to avoid the royalty payments, they stopped using her regularly.



  36EelSun 24th May 2020

  @TheWingedAvenger @Elvie actually, if I remember correctly, Ms Pac-Man is now co-owned by AtGames (the guys that make the cheap plug and plays everyone hates). Basically they swooped in and bought the rights from the previous co-owner before Bandai Namco could get full ownership of the software.

  So rumor says now both are in a permanent stalemate, where they need permission from (and give royalties to) the other company to make new rereleases of Ms Pac-Man.

  It was bad before, but Ms Pac-Man could be fully dead now.



  37ElvieSun 24th May 2020

  @Eel I don’t think, legally speaking, someone owns a I.P. if they have royalties, although, practically speaking, they do have control over it where it could been seen as co-ownership.

  The creators of Ms. Pac-Man, and now Atgames, can’t use her in any work of theirs but Bandai Namco can.

  B.N. has been suing Atgames for making a half-scale arcade cabinet without their permission, the same they used to persuade the creators to transfer their royalties over.

  It’s honestly a shame that a iconic character like her is getting phased out. She would have been perfect in Pac-Man C.E. 2 Plus where the players have to perform the “kiss” mechanic to proceed.



  38FineLervSun 24th May 2020

  So is Arcade Pac essentially Museum combined with Championship 2? Just trying to figure out what to buy.



  39DrDaisySun 24th May 2020

  @Apportal_SMM2 No it doesn’t, and now my ear hurts! I hate you!



  40TheWingedAvengerSun 24th May 2020

  @Eel @Elvie

  Luckily, we can always play the original arcade version of Ms Pac-Man on the PSP and on the NES Classic Mini (after a slight modification). So Bandai-Namco and AtGames can argue all they want.



  41EelSun 24th May 2020

  @TheWingedAvenger Xbox one, steam, and PS4 have an excellent standalone version of Ms Pac-Man too!

  (Which I believe is on sale right now, too)



  42AppSun 24th May 2020

  @DrDaisy … I-I didn’t think you would actually do it though?



  43ekwcllSun 24th May 2020

  they should bring pac-man museum for the switch. i have it for steam.



  44joey302Sun 24th May 2020

  Big deal most have that game already I mean is That the best Namco can do to celebrate Pac man’s 40th How bout a Collection cart? With:

  Pac Man World 1,2,3

  Pac Man Rally

  Pac Mania

  Super Pac Man

  Ms Pac Man

  Pac Man Plus

  Jr PacMan

  Pac Man 2 (Genesis/Snes Cart)

  Ms Pac Man Maze Madness

  And a few others for example…can all be nicely tucked inside one switch Card!



  45Roto13Sun 24th May 2020

  Even though Namco games go on sale every few weeks, this one never goes on sale. If you’re interested in it, buy it now.



  46dAvecasterSun 24th May 2020

  Championship Edition was recently free on xbox1 and it’s great.



  47ElvieSun 24th May 2020

  @FineLerv Yes.

  Pac-Man, Pac-Man V.S., Rolling Thunder 1& 2, Splatterhouse, Tank Force, Galaga, Dig Dug, and The Tower Of Druaga with Pac-Man C.E. 2 and P.C.E. 2 Plus.

  It’s not the worst compilation game but it’s underwhelming compared to the previous Namco Museums that actually felt like virtual museums with facts, trivia, hints, and extra content.



  48FineLervMon 25th May 2020

  @Elvie Thanks, Elvie. I do enjoy all those extra bells and whistles, but I’m a sucker for these compilations – especially when they are on sale! Gonna have to grab the complete package.


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